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Facebook Is Coming To Television

So you think that cable TV is dead, right? The telecommunications industry is ready to challenge that mindset. The magic silver bullet — they’re promoting the digital frontier.

The future of television is actually happening right now. The big wheels of commerce have been churning new ideas for the last four years plus. The nextgen revolution has begun. Marketing will offer a whole new consumer experience. A digital experience.

The nextgen television campaign from cable giant Comcast is going to be called xfinity.

Brian L. Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Comcast has demonstrated what the features are going to look like. Roberts gave a very professional demonstration at NCTA.

For starters, the new setup will offer cloud computing integrated with television. Roberts said that there will be over 20,000 choices with xfinity, which is currently under development. Personalization is going to be another selling point.

The hybridization of television and computing is going to be a gamechanger for sure.

Your new state-of-the-art remote will use RF. That means the signal will be distributed by a radio signal, not how it is now. You will be able to move all around the house and not chained up in one corner.

As you flip your new TV switch on, you will be navigating through a 1 Gbps Speed Broadband Connection!

1. See what’s on right now instantly and simultaneously.
2. Choices of viewing — series, movies, networks, xtras, kids, lifestyles.
3. On Demand Choices.
4. New remote that won’t need line of sight.
5. A quick search button to quickly find subject you want.
6. Choice of Standard TV or High Def TV.
7. Split- screen capability while shuffling online with the cloud.
8. Watch, record, personalize.
9. Facebook App to share Likes with friends and see what they’re watching.
10. Consider options instantly without any hesitation.
11. Hit search button and search while watching your favorite episode.
12. Last button offers on demand, DVD, or live. Look at last 9 channels.
13. Favorite My TV just like favorites on a computer.
14. See what’s recommended for you.
15. Buy rentals.
16. Use apps like your mobile.
17. Check news feeds while viewing.
18. Friends Trends — Facebook to TV — TV to Facebook.
19. Social networking on TV.
20. Purchase and download 23 episodes all at once.

How about downloading all that in 1 minute and 39 seconds? As was demonstrated by CEO Brian Roberts — over one billion bits per second. That’s a first time. Fast enough?

Broadband is going to reach unbelievable speeds that are incomparable to anything that most of us have ever seen. The days of waiting for that YouTube video to buffer may be over in the near future.

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