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Multitasking At The Mall

[Uploaded Jan 14, 2011]
It’s probably not a very good idea to text and walk at the same time. Especially if there are security cameras nearby to record your fall. A woman fell into a fountain while walking and texting in the Berkshire Mall, located in a suburb near Reading, Pennsylvania. The incident went viral on YouTube a short time later.

Fountain Lady discussed the mishap with ABC journalist George Stephanopoulos. Her lawyer said that she should at least get an apology because the YouTube video had embarrassed the woman.

It turned out that the fountain-faller (Cathy Cruz Marrero) was a Berkshire Mall employee herself. According to SFGate, Fountain Lady “was charged in late 2009 with running up bills of more than $5,000 on a coworker’s credit account at Target and Zales.”

The security guard who posted the video was fired at some point later.

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