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Prediction: Winner Of US Presidential Election, 2012

Survey Says — The Winner Is Incumbent Barack Obama

You might say I have a magical crystal ball hidden in a dark room. You might say I have the exquisite touch of Nostradamus. You might speculate that I may be gifted when it comes to politics. My response — well not exactly.

Let’s take a look at the LA Times script for example — “Obama campaign’s staggering haul: $86 million raised for reelection. Republican candidates combined are expected to raise less than $35 million this quarter.”

The headline says it all. Doesn’t it take an atrocious amount of money to win an election these days? What ever happened to keeping campaign promises and holding the politician accountable after the election? Is this a bit of nostalgia that Americans have forgotten about? Accountability?

By enlarge, the matter is not groundbreaking. The GOP has not really raised a clear argument against President Obomba. Why?

Because his presidency model is a replicate of George W. Bush. More spending on largely unpopular wars, more promises that have mostly been broken, more tax breaks for the wealthy, and total gridlock in government. President Obama has moved far to the right as it would appear to most of the crowd. Some are starting to say he looks more like Dick Cheney every day. Others say Obama resembles President Herbert Hoover.

Obama has become the chief collaborator of the Republican Party. It’s hard to oppose something that you resemble the most. What were media pundits calling him — the “change president”? Change in your pocket maybe.

Relegate fact from fiction. Assess the incumbency advantage. Since World War II, a whopping 90% of incumbents who ran for reelection did get reelected!

What will the slogan be this time? Because the “change” and “yes we can” lines do not apply anymore. Then you have the Republicans trying to hold the President hostage over a routine debt ceiling deal. President Obama will certainly remind the public about this extravaganza coming out of Washington.

And the winner of the United States presidential election, 2012 is…

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