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The $15-an-hour Minimum Wage Standard

It’s the economy, stupid

The city of SeaTac, located near Seattle, has voted for a law that raised minimum wage to $15-an-hour. This is a clear victory for workers, yet a recount could be forthcoming. A march from SeaTac to Seattle was scheduled.

While emphasis of the recent passage could have been played down, restaurant and retail workers across America are set to strike in protest of low wages.

Income equality is a theme that is underscored across many cities in America, as young and old Americans struggle just to make ends meet. New minimum wage increases may not be the answer to the problem, but citizens are feeling the pain and the urge to do something about it is gaining momentum.

This is systematic of a country with much bigger problems such as unemployment, underemployment, loss of rights, and the massive money behind the lobbies that create such conditions. Corporations are reaping massive profits at the expense of the rest of society. The economy has changed.

Legislation and lobbyists have created this environment and the effects of these policies are now being witnessed. Central planners and policy makers have create this beast, and many think that NAFTA was the beginning of the end.

Raising the minimum wage may help to alleviate the immediate symptoms, but this will not be a solution to the underlying current. More jobs, better quality jobs, and more job training would seem to be better options.

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