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Eric Holder Resigns Fast And Furiously

The United States Attorney General is the title that Eric Holder holds, that is until his resignation takes effect. I don’t know much about the position, but this official is chosen by the president and confirmed by the Senate. The question at hand is this: Why is Holder resigning so fast and furiously? Maybe because he has become a political lightning rod?

It turns out that Obama’s administration has been caught up in a scandal since 2010, more specifically a gunrunning scandal. Federal agents have taken a role in this gunrunning scandal and maybe Holder is the fall guy.

And to whom are these guns being sold to? Probably Mexican drug cartels, according to the documents released to the CBS network. ‘Fast and Furious’ is the label that’s being attached to this red hot potato.

It appears that a judge ordered the documents to be released by October 1, the Fast and Furious documents as referred to.

What is the big deal? Allegedly, there were 2,000 weapons that came up missing and were unaccounted for. The real problem stems from the death of Border patrol agent Brian Terry, because two of the missing rifles showed up at the crime scene. A Mexican man convicted of the crime was the first to be connected to the Fast and Furious scandal.

The types of arms used by these types of people are: 9mm pistols; .38 Super pistols; 5.7mm pistols; .45-caliber pistols; AR-15-type rifles; and AK-47-type rifles.

The Fast and Furious Operation was part of a bigger project called Project Gunrunner.

And so it goes back to business as usual, as we proceed with all things in the news. Back to the morning edition

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