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The Crude Oil War Could Bring $75 Per Barrel!

As we look at current crude oil trends, the price is $81.01 per barrel (WTI), and $86.13 for Brent Crude Oil. The market implies that oil is definitely on the decline. What is the agenda? Are they trying to make Mr. Putin sweat? Mr. Rockefeller used to call it sweating when he was attempting to starve the competition out. Has Saudi Arabia teamed up with the U.S. against Russia and Iran?

Is cheap oil hurting the Russian economy? Is this the plan?

The Crouching Tiger (China) is preparing for the crude oil war. China is on a buying spree, taking advantage of low market prices.

The Goldman Slash report is calling for cheap prices in year 2015. The bear is going to get more bearish. Oil exploration and drilling is bound to slow down.

Let’s enjoy the low gas prices while we can. Pump it up!

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