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The Media Industry Is Changing

The media industry is rapidly changing and the pace seems to be increasing at a supersonic rate. I’ve been saying that while some types of media are growing, others are becoming obsolete and are dying. Today’s headline is a bit of a surprise from CTNOW: “Dish Network could drop CNN from lineup for good.” Yet somehow, I can believe it.

The media industry seems to be moving to the internet: YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. These giant tech companies have become major competitors in today’s media market.

The 20th century model of broadcasting appears to be stodgy, and a recent poll suggests that Americans no longer trust what they hear on the news these days. The argument points to hyped up propaganda, mediocre infotainment at best, and a constant hashing of news stories that have no substance.

YouTube has brought entertainment to the fore. There’s a level of interaction that is absent in the model of the cable era.

Some people are growing tired of the rising cost of cable—and the one most important factor—they simply can no longer afford cable. Especially cable that is boring…

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