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What is VDSL?

What Is VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line)? Most of us are familiar with ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line), or what we refer to as DSL. DSL is common in the United States. How much faster is VDSL than ADSL? The experts claim that it’s 3X faster than DSL.

VDSL is widely available in towns and cities throughout New Zealand.

VDSL is a digital subscriber line (DSL) technology providing data transmission faster than ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) over a single flat untwisted or twisted pair of copper wires (up to 52 Mbit/s downstream and 16 Mbit/s upstream), and on coaxial cable (up to 85 Mbit/s down- and upstream) using the frequency band from 25 kHz to 12 MHz. These rates mean that VDSL is capable of supporting applications such as high-definition television, as well as telephone services (voice over IP) and general Internet access, over a single connection. VDSL is deployed over existing wiring used for analog telephone service and lower-speed DSL connections. This standard was approved by ITU in November 2001.

VDSL can be found in these locations: Denver, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; Boise, Idaho; Phoenix, Arizona; Seattle, Washington; Omaha, Nebraska; Minneapolis; Des Moines, Iowa; Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Exactly how does VDSL work? Follow the link @ howstuffworks to find out the juicy answer.

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