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Do Automatic Faucets Promote Disease Causing Microbes?

It’s quite common when out shopping to encounter the motion sensing faucet, or better known as the automatic faucet. New is not always better and some technological ideas may not pass the smell test. However, some public entities do not care what their customers think in America. Unfortunately, customer service has gone to the dogs in many cases.

Check this out. Not only is the automatic faucet unfriendly, there may be evidence that hands-free electronic water faucets harbor bacteria.

“A study of newly installed, hands-free faucets at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, all equipped with the latest electronic-eye sensors to automatically detect hands and dispense preset amounts of water, shows they were more likely to be contaminated with one of the most common and hazardous bacteria in hospitals compared to old-style fixtures with separate handles for hot and cold water.”

Isn’t this disturbing information? In fact, “hands-free faucets may be a risk to some hospital patients.”

Recently, I talked with a maintenance engineer and he informed me that not only is this type of faucet expensive, it also is a high maintenance problem, including sensor failure. He indicated that batteries were required for the apparatus.

Another no-go is the annoying electric hand dryer. My hands never get completely dry and I usually just wipe them on my shirt. No problem though, the solution is easy as hand sanitizer.

No paper towels at your facility? Say what?

Have a nice day shopping and don’t forget the hand wipes!

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