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10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To Amazon Prime

10 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To Amazon Prime

Streaming internet television is fast becoming the rage and the data is there to prove it. Cable subscriptions are declining rapidly to a point of no return. This should be of no surprise to anyone with a pulse. Cable prices [...]

‘Terminate with extreme prejudice’

Using covert operation terminology, the phrase ‘terminate with extreme prejudice’ means to execute or assassinate the employee or said target. The term was explained by Terence Smith, a former reporter of The New York Times. The reference is directed to [...]

Just Who Was The Nixon Deep Throat?

In February of 1960, a company called Società Generale Immobiliare [SCI] bought 10 acres of real estate from Washington Gas. Società Generale Immobiliare, partially owned (15% of shares) by the Vatican, paid $10 million for the 10 acres, and on [...]

The Privatization Of College Student Loans In America

Elizabeth Warren Asks Why Government Is Loaning To Students At 20 Times The Rate That It Should What has happened to our college education system in America? Why has the cost of a college education multiplied many times over within [...]

Redrawing Borders Of The Middle East

Redrawing Borders Of The Middle East

Map Of The New Middle East: 2006 Blood Map Before and after maps from “Blood borders: How a better Middle East would look”, Armed Forces Journal, June 2006. Retired United States Army lieutenant colonel, author, and media commentator Ralph Peters [...]

The 1% Of 1% That Are The Political Gatekeepers

The One Percent of One Percent… They fall into 3 categories. While most of us Americans fall in the 99.99% range and can ill afford such massive contributions, these privileged elitists have unique access, which allows them to play the [...]

Disconcerning Or Disconcerting?

The word that at least sounds like ‘disconcerning’ can be heard on a normal basis. Shouldn’t it be ‘disconcerting’ instead of this other term, if we are to be correct? Let’s turn to a plausible explanation if we may. Is [...]

David Lee Roth Has A Nose For Comeback Concerts…

It’s probably old-hat news by now, but if you’re a true Van Halen fan, the original line-up is back with the zany David Lee Roth. Van Halen played on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show (March 30, 2015) and just as [...]