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High Fructose Corn Syrup Knowledge Is Not A Sweet Drink

The High Fructose Corn Syrup Drink: Myths And Truths About Sweeteners The internet has certainly helped us to get to the bottom of today’s problems. Any discussion about health will prompt a concern with high fructose corn syrup and probably [...]

Companies Opposing I-522

These companies are opposing Washington Initiative 522. • PepsiCo: $1,620,899 • Nestle USA: $1,052,743 • The Coca-Cola Co.: $1,047,332 • General Mills: $598,819 • ConAgra Foods: $285,281 • Campbell Soup Co.: $265,140 • The Hershey Co.: $248,305 • The J.M. [...]

Nestle Plastic In Frozen Pizza Scare

Recall after small fragments of plastic found in frozen pizzas. Nestle S.A. recalls four varieties of frozen pizza, because the pizzas may contain fragments of plastic. It may be a spinach issue that came directly from a supplier. Nestlé S.A. [...]