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Birth Outside Of The Norm

Having a baby is a miracle. One thing that I’ve found out is that nature provides several unique ways of getting the miracle accomplished. After a Swedish woman discovered she had no uterus and could not have a child, she [...]

High Fructose Corn Syrup Knowledge Is Not A Sweet Drink

The High Fructose Corn Syrup Drink: Myths And Truths About Sweeteners The internet has certainly helped us to get to the bottom of today’s problems. Any discussion about health will prompt a concern with high fructose corn syrup and probably [...]

Companies Opposing I-522

These companies are opposing Washington Initiative 522. • PepsiCo: $1,620,899 • Nestle USA: $1,052,743 • The Coca-Cola Co.: $1,047,332 • General Mills: $598,819 • ConAgra Foods: $285,281 • Campbell Soup Co.: $265,140 • The Hershey Co.: $248,305 • The J.M. [...]