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Comparing today’s news with yesterday’s, and trying to make sense of it all.

NSA Is Selling Technology To Companies?

Not only is the NSA creating surveillance tools to invade your privacy, it’s also selling this technology to the highest bidder. American companies can rent this technology if they have the cash to do so. So basically, the NSA is [...]

DRUGGED TO DEATH: Prescription Drugs Killing The American Soldier

Peter Breggin MD has spoken on FOX News about the impact of psychiatric drugs on American soldiers. Veterans are being prescribed cocktails of unsafe drugs which are causing them severe harm. Some are dying in their sleep, others committing suicide, and [...]

US Is Funding Syrian Rebels

The rhetorical question should be this. Why is the US funding Syrian rebels? Why must there be more foreign entanglement? Hasn’t there been enough damage in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan? How many bodies and lives need to be disrupted and [...]