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Weibo: China's Style Of Tweeting

Sina Weibo literally means “Sina microblogging” in the Chinese language. More commonly called Weibo, it claims 90% of the market share and includes more than 140 million users. Weibo is the most popular microblogging site in China. Weibo is very [...]

Facebook Is Coming To Television

So you think that cable TV is dead, right? The telecommunications industry is ready to challenge that mindset. The magic silver bullet — they’re promoting the digital frontier. The future of television is actually happening right now. The big wheels [...]

Twitter Is Driving More Traffic Than You Think

Most web publishers measure where their traffic is coming from using an analytics package such as Google Analytics, Omniture or Core Metrics. Today they’re wrong. Terribly wrong. And figuring out who is referring your traffic is a very important part [...]