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Editor’s Choice Recommended Films You May Not Have Heard About

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Mutiny on the Bounty — A drama based on the novel Mutiny on the Bounty.
Psycho — “Good evening.” Alfred Hitchcock set the standard with this smash hit based on a true story, which was before the dawning age of slasher films had arrived. Based on the book Psycho, cosmic horror writer Robert Bloch was inspired by Ed Gein, found guilty but legally insane.
The Manchurian Candidate — A neo-noir political thriller that was uncomfortably prescient (read conveniently suppressed) in its own time and considered ahead of its time, comes eerily equipped with genuine Lincoln Motif, overtly suggestive of presidential assassination, all leading to the queen of diamonds. Concerns brainwashed son who becomes an unwitting patsy.
Fail Safe — Cold War tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States lead to a nuclear showdown.
Barefoot in the Park — A lighthearted comedy that focuses on a newlywed couple and their adventures in Greenwich Village. The film stars Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.
The President’s Analyst — The theme deals with privacy concerns regarding Telecom, linked with government while prying into private lives of citizens.
2001: A Space Odyssey — An epic science-fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick, also famous for Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining, Dr. Strangelove, among other blockbuster hits. The screenplay was ‘partially’ inspired by the Arthur Clarke short story The Sentinel.
Great Expectations — A 1974 made for television film based on the Charles Dickens 1861 novel Great Expectations.
The Parallax View — A political thriller concerning a reporter’s investigation into a secretive organization and the primary is assassination. Director Alan Pakula is notable for a string of hit movies.
Dog Day Afternoon — A depiction of events surrounding a 1972 Brooklyn bank robbery, involving American bank robber John Wojtowicz, which was played by Al Pacino. A crime drama directed by Sidney Lumet.
Telefon — A spy film starring Charles Bronson, Donald Pleasence and Lee Remick. “And miles to go before I sleep.” Repeat.
Winter Kills — It follows the events surrounding the assassination of President Kegan. Who Killed Winter Kills? After an all-star cast finally gets the film finished, it was suppressed due to the political nature.
A Tale of Two Cities — A 1980 American made-for-television historical drama based on the Charles Dickens novel set in the French Revolution, also called A Tale of Two Cities.
Reds — An epic drama centering on journalist John Reed, remembered for his first-hand account of the Bolshevik Revolution.
The Princess Bride — A romantic fantasy adventure comedy based on the the 1973 novel written by William Goldman, titled The Princess Bride.
Twelve Monkeys — A neo-noir science fiction thriller where a deadly virus wipes out almost all of humanity, involving the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.
Enemy of the State — Suddenly a lawyer named Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith) becomes deeply involved and eventually corresponds with Brill Lyle (Gene Hackman) who happens to be a former NSA agent. Welcome to the surveillance state. View The President’s Analyst (1967).
The Matrix — A blockbuster science fiction thriller depicting a dystopian future where existence enters a simulated reality called ‘the Matrix’, saturated with philosophy. Take the blue pill or the red pill.
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring — An epic high fantasy adventure based on the book by Tolkien, the ‘father’ of modern fantasy literature: The Fellowship of the Ring, first part of the trilogy series.
The Phantom of the Opera — A film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s 1986 musical, based on the 1910 French novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux, commonly known as The Phantom of the Opera.
Pride & Prejudice — A romantic drama based on the Jane Austen 1813 novel, titled Pride and Prejudice.
The Good Shepherd — A fictional based on real events, telling the story of the birth of intelligence. Includes an all-star cast. You talkin’ to me?
The Ghost Writer — A political thriller directed by Roman Polanski, famous for movies such as Rosemary’s Baby, The Ninth Gate, and Macbeth.

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