High Fructose Corn Syrup Knowledge Is Not A Sweet Drink

The High Fructose Corn Syrup Drink: Myths And Truths About Sweeteners

The internet has certainly helped us to get to the bottom of today’s problems. Any discussion about health will prompt a concern with high fructose corn syrup and probably the GMO industry. Many of us have ignored these health related topics because it seemed like the easy way out. However, after finally sitting down and reading some informative posts about these topics, this knowledge is not so sweet.

It’s time to investigate the safety of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). What are those educated in the fitness industry saying?The High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is No Worse for You Than Table Sugar story may just be a myth after all.

Another informative post startled me. I wanted to hear more facts about high fructose corn syrup, and not the sugar-coated propaganda we are fed on television. Mark Hyman (MD) wrote an impressive piece in the Huffington Post concerning the debate over HFCS. If you want to read something and get enlighted, then read The Not-So-Sweet Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup. I strongly encourage anyone to give this one a try. Bring your beverage with you…

Why should we give a hoot about HFCS? Well, a quick High-Fructose Corn Syrup 101 update may change how we feel about sweeteners. Oh, and please tell me obesity isn’t a problem in America. I believe it’s time that we inform ourselves with facts instead of what we are being told by the big corporations that sell us these tempting products.

And I’m not being hypocritical here. I too am a big fan of soft drinks and those unhealthy fast foods. I do think as we get older we should consider the effects of unhealthy foods and at least try to modify our eating habits.

I’m positive that we can do something about our health. Let’s take that challenge. Shall we?


Companies Opposing I-522

These companies are opposing Washington Initiative 522.

• PepsiCo: $1,620,899
• Nestle USA: $1,052,743
• The Coca-Cola Co.: $1,047,332
• General Mills: $598,819
• ConAgra Foods: $285,281
• Campbell Soup Co.: $265,140
• The Hershey Co.: $248,305
• The J.M. Smucker Co.: $241,091
• Kellogg Co.: $221,852
• Mondelez Global LLC: $144,895
• Flowers Foods: $141,288
• Abbott Nutrition: $127,459
• Pinnacle Foods Group LLC: $120,846
• Dean Foods Co.: $120,245
• McCormick & Co.: $102,208
• Land O’Lakes: $99,803
• Cargill: $98,601
• The Hillshire Brands Co.: $97,398
• Bunge North America: $94,993
• Bimbo Bakeries USA: $94,693
• Del Monte Foods Co.: $86,576
• Ocean Spray Cranberries: $55,313
• Hormel Foods Corp.: $52,908
• Bumble Bee Foods, LLC: $36,073
• Welch Foods: $28,859
• Shearer’s Foods: $25,251
• Rich Products Corp.: $24,049
• Clement Pappas & Co.: $21,043
• Sunny Delight Beverages Co.: $21,043
• Bush Brothers & Co.: $16,233
• Knouse Foods Cooperative: $14,429
• The Clorox Co.: $12,024
• Bruce Foods Corp.: $3,006
• Moody Dunbar: $1,804


Here’s The Perfect Patio Firepit

Family outings on the outside are fun and just plain cozy. But now the temperature is dropping, so this makes it uncomfortable to bear. The solution? How about a patio firepit? Here’s the Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit, Black.

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Included is a full size enamel cooking grate and poker for stoking the fire. This provides an option for cooking and enjoying the outdoors on those cool evenings on the lawn. Grab a log and throw it on the fire. What’s for dinner? I’ll be over…


Dollar General To Start Selling Gas?

Dollar General (NYSE: DG) is testing fuel stations in the state of Alabama. Gas pumps are in place and it would sure be a novel idea if Dollar General starts to sell gas, now wouldn’t it?

In a press release the following was stated: “Dollar General continues to innovate to provide convenience and value for our customers,” said Rick Dreiling, chairman and CEO. “This project to test a fuel offering is consistent with our strategy of continually looking for new and better ways to meet our customers’ needs for value and convenience and enhancing our position as America’s general store.”


Five Great Pest Control Products


Here are a few great pest control products that the professionals use:

1. Flies | FBS-1 Fly Bait Station — FBS1 Fly Bait Stations by VM Products provide pest management professionals with a revolutionary fly baiting device that stores bait and protects it from the elements.

2. Ants | Dupont Advion Ant Gel 1 box(4 Tubes) — DuPont Advion ant Bait Gel is a new, superior ant bait from DuPont Professional Products. It targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders plus additional ant species.

3. Roaches | Dupont Advion Cockroach Gel Bait 1 Box(4 Tubes) — DuPontTM Advion® cockroach gel bait is a new, high-performing bait product targeting all pest species of cockroaches.

4. Fleas | Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus, 3 lb — For more than 20 years, Fleabusters has professionally applied Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus products to carpets inside residential homes with pets. Now it is available for pet owners who prefer the “do-it-yourself” method.

5. Bait Gun | Masterline Professional Bait Gun Bait Guns — Masterline’s professional bait gun fits 30-gram reservoirs and works great with the smaller bait gels such as the Maxforce Ant Killer Bait Gel, Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel or Advion Roach Gel.