Distrust, Tragedy, And Hope In Liberia

The auction is open until October 31, 2014 and covers four blocks – LB-6, LB-7, LB-16 and LB-17. [1] There’s hope and at the same time there’s distrust in Liberia. The hope is in the oil discoveries. The distrust is with the Liberian government. The tragedy is the Ebola epidemic.

The Ebola outbreak isn’t the only story of the day, but the American mainstream has done a fine job of milking the cow. This is not to say that curing disease and helping others isn’t important. Au contraire, but reporting shouldn’t be so one-sided, as to forget other components that may be of extreme importance to the global community.

It makes one wonder the true aim of corporate media and the objective behind today’s ‘big story’. I wonder if much of what is propagated is intended to be a distraction of some sort. As they say, always follow the money.

Could overreporting and underreporting be a two-headed monster?

In the Economic Community of West African States, therein lies the West African Economic and Monetary Union (aka UEMOA), which proports to be a proponent of the African Euro. [2]

The six member states are Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone who founded the organization together in 2000 and Liberia who joined on February 16, 2010. Guinea is Francophone and the rest are English speaking.

The West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) is coordinating to challenge the dominant CFA franc, which is tied to the Euro. The goal may not be to totally replace the Euro, but at least merge with it. The Eco is the proposed name for the common currency.

It’s obvious that some Liberians are not happy about the negotiations with the energy companies for the following reasons:

“According to a recent statement issued by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Ellen Johnson, the American Oil company, Exxon Mobil will own a whooping 80% of the oil shares discovered in Liberia, while their Canadian neighbours, the Canadian Oversea Petroleum Limited (COPL), will own 20%.” [3] This leaves 5% to 10% for the people of Liberia.

Those that bid on the blocks must put up a substantial amount of money just to play. Liberia has an alleged 17 blocks that are up for bid; some blocks have been spoken for. [4]

Ellen Johnson is the 24th and current President of Liberia. [5]

Reporters in America have not been so eager to express the Liberians’ distrust of their political leaders, including President Johnson Sirleaf, and especially her request for emergency powers. Powers that would use the Ebola crisis to gain even more authority. [6] She was denied.

There’s the hard fact that she suspended her son (Charles) and 45 government officials due to corruption charges. [7]

Another son has also been suspended, the one named Robert. [8]

There you have it. There’s always a story behind the news.

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The Crude Oil War Could Bring $75 Per Barrel!

As we look at current crude oil trends, the price is $81.01 per barrel (WTI), and $86.13 for Brent Crude Oil. The market implies that oil is definitely on the decline. What is the agenda? Are they trying to make Mr. Putin sweat? Mr. Rockefeller used to call it sweating when he was attempting to starve the competition out. Has Saudi Arabia teamed up with the U.S. against Russia and Iran?

Is cheap oil hurting the Russian economy? Is this the plan?

The Crouching Tiger (China) is preparing for the crude oil war. China is on a buying spree, taking advantage of low market prices.

The Goldman Slash report is calling for cheap prices in year 2015. The bear is going to get more bearish. Oil exploration and drilling is bound to slow down.

Let’s enjoy the low gas prices while we can. Pump it up!

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Do You Have Fearbola? Catch The Update.

Do you have ‘Fearbola’? If you caught the episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers then you got the scoop. But maybe there’s a chance that you didn’t. Seth interviews a very clever doctor that has all of the details.


Birth Outside Of The Norm

Having a baby is a miracle. One thing that I’ve found out is that nature provides several unique ways of getting the miracle accomplished. After a Swedish woman discovered she had no uterus and could not have a child, she desperately sought out an alternative. Yet, overcoming the odds by receiving a uterus from a 61-year-old lady, she went on to have a healthy boy. The woman made history and deserves the attention. Are there other examples of birth outside of the norm?

What about a healthy baby that grew in the abdomen? Heard of this one? Didn’t think so. This is certainly another unique way of populating the earth, but it does happen.

Morality is debate open for discussion. What about the old standard of the girl getting married before birthing? Is this standard no longer the standard? Is birth out of wedlock the new norm?

According to the Census Bureau facts, the number of first-born U.S. babies born into a home with a married mother and father has fallen below 60% for the first time.


The SATCOM Pirates Are At It Again

I have been having fun on my NooElec dongle, using it as my software defined radio. I was monitoring the 250 MHz portion and I wasn’t sure what I had witnessed. Is this UHF Pirates on a 250 MHz SATCOM? This is some interesting stuff. The SATCOM pirates are at it again!

The pirates are using the US Military SATCOM system to chat. And guess what? They’re being heard around the world it seems.

These dudes have hijacked the frequencies and are laughing about it? When I listened to these guys chatting, I didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Believe me. They were laughing.

If you have the dongle or a police scanner that has this band plan on it, try it.