Principles of Secondary Education

In the book written by Alex I. Inglis, Principles of secondary education, we get a rough idea of what education is really about. Was the compulsory education system designed to educate children, or was it merely a tool of the elite to control the masses? Here are six ideas from the book:

1. The adjustive function. Schools are to establish fixed habits of reaction to authority. This, of course preludes critical judgement completely. It also pretty much destroys the idea that useful or interesting material should be taught, because you can’t test for reflexive obedience until you know whether you can make kids learn, and do, foolish and boring things.

2. The integrating function. This might well be called “the conformity function,”  because its intention is to make children alike as possible. People who conform are predictable, and this is of great use to those who wish to harness and manipulate a large labor force.

3. The diagnostical directive function. School is meant to determine each student’s proper role. This is done by logging evidence mathematically and anecdotally on cumulative records. As in “your permanent record.”

4. The differentiating function. Once their role has been “diagnosed,” children are sorted out by role and trained only so far as their destination in the social machine merits — and not one step further.

5. The selective function. This refers not to a human choice at all but to Darwin’s theory of natural selection as applied to what he called “the favored races.” In short, the idea is to help things along by consciously attempting to improve the breeding stock. Schools are meant to tag the unfit — with poor grades, remedial placement, and other punishments — clearly enough that there peers will accept them as inferior and effictively bar them from the reproductive sweepstakes.

6. The propaedeutic function. The social system implied by these rules will require an elite group of caretakers. To that end, a small fraction of the kids will quietly be taught how to manage this continuing project, how to watch over and control a population deliberately dumbed down and declawed in order that government might proceed unchallenged and corporations might never want for obedient labor.


I'll Pass On The Cantaloupe

I think I’ll pass on the cantaloupe, due to the Salmonella Typhimurium infections. A total of 141 persons infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium have been reported from 20 states. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

  • Case Count: 141
  • States: 20
  • Deaths: 2
  • Hospitalizations: 31
  • From The CDC report:

    The number of ill persons identified in each state is as follows: Alabama (7), Arkansas (3), California (2), Georgia (1), Illinois (17), Indiana (13), Iowa (7), Kentucky (50), Michigan (6), Minnesota (3), Missouri (9), Mississippi (2), New Jersey (1), North Carolina (3), Ohio (3), Pennsylvania (2), South Carolina (3), Tennessee (6), Texas (1), and Wisconsin (2).

    31 ill persons have been hospitalized. Two deaths have been reported in Kentucky.

    Collaborative investigation efforts of state, local, and federal public health and regulatory agencies indicate that cantaloupe grown in southwestern Indiana is a likely source of this outbreak.

    As a result of the initial investigations by the state health departments in Indiana and Kentucky, a farm in southwestern Indiana has contacted its distributors, which reach outside Indiana into other states, and is withdrawing its cantaloupe from the market place. The farm has agreed to cease distributing cantaloupes for the rest of the growing season.

    Consumers who recently purchased cantaloupes grown in southwestern Indiana are advised not to eat them and discard any remaining cantaloupe.

    The warning has been criticized.

    This comes after an outbreak in 2011. This certainly is bad for the cantaloupe business.


    The Fluoride Deception Exposed

    Christopher Bryson, an investigative reporter and producer of BBC, wrote a book after ten years worth of valuable research. In Bryson’s work, The Fluoride Deception, he manifests how individuals and institutions have played a role in shaping public opinion, and how public policy has developed in the process.

    We have been coerced since childhood to believe that toothpaste with fluoride is beneficial to our teeth. We have been convinced that fluoride in our water is not harmful and will prevent tooth decay. What we haven’t been told is the truth… that the fluoride is dumbing us down, in fact, a Harvard study has found that fluoride lowers the IQ in children.

    Fluoride toxicity is real and the Fluoride Deception is real. “Between 1990 and 1994, over 628 people, mostly children, were treated after ingesting too much fluoride from their toothpaste. Gastrointestinal symptoms appear to be the most common problem reported.”

    A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives stated the following results:

    The standardized weighted mean difference in IQ score between exposed and reference populations was -0.45 (95% CI -0.56 to -0.35) using a random-effects model. Thus, children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low fluoride areas. Subgroup and sensitivity analyses also indicated inverse associations, although the substantial heterogeneity did not appear to decrease.

    Another study in a journal concluded that “fluoride treatment is associated with testicular disorders.” Studies have suggested that exposure to fluoride could alter the reproductive hormones in human beings.

    In the early 1950′s, Dr. George Waldbott became “one of the first to warn of the potential health effects of mass fluoridation.” Even though Waldbott was criticised for his opposition to fluoride, “he was considered one of the key figures in the antifluoridation movement for over two decades.”

    You also are presented with the The Deepwater Documents, where a couple of journalists suggest the lawsuits that the US encountered were because of fluoride damage, and not over radiation. During the Manhattan Project, it was discovered that it was necessary to use uranium hexafluoride, which indeed is a component that includes fluoride.

    In October of 1948, a tragedy struck in Donora, Pennsylvania, which killed twenty people. In the incident known as the Donora Death Fog, Philip Sadtler uncovered the truth that fluoride was to blame for the horror.

    The 1948 Donora smog was a “historic air inversion resulting in a wall of smog that killed 20 people and sickened 7,000 more in Donora, Pennsylvania, a mill town on the Monongahela River, 24 miles (39 km) southeast of Pittsburgh.”

    Fluorine is also used in pharmaceuticals.