Software Defined Radio Tutorial For The Beginner

SDR Dongle Turns Computer Into Receiver

TThis DVB-T dongle will turn a computer into an electronic listening device, which is basically a police scanner radio but even more. This may be the most fun a techie could have on the cheap! The NooElec TV28T v2 USB DVB-T & RTL-SDR Receiver R820T is the ticket for inexpensive software defined radio usage.

This unit allows for interfacing to a large number of popular SDR software packages. The connector type on the antenna and USB board is MCX.

Demo: $19 Police Radio Scanner

Adapters For R820T Dongle And Tutorial, Including Ham Radio Gear

* Antenna Adapters Tutorial — Adapter Instructions

These adapters enable the user to connect outside police scanner antennas up to this device. It comes with a MXC connector.

1. RF coaxial cable UHF SO239 PL259 female to MCX male right angle connector RG316 20CM — This allows you to use other antennas with your dongle.
2. RF coaxial coax cable assembly F female to MCX male right angle 6” — RF coaxial coax cable assembly MCX male right angle to F female 6”.

Instructions For Windows And Software Downloads

1. Windows Software — Wiki
2. Downloads — SDRSharp

Ham It Up Converter — Amateur Radio SDR

1. Ham It Up v1.2 – NooElec RF Upconverter For Software Defined Radio — Ham/amateur radio enthusiasts rejoice! Our MF/HF converter for software defined radio is finally available for sale. This device allows you to listen to MF and HF through your existing software defined radio (SDR). If you do not currently have an SDR we have plenty of low-cost solutions available for sale.
2. Terratec DVB-T USB Receiver & Low-Cost Software Defined Radio (SDR) – Realtek RTL2832U + Elonics E4000-Based — These DVB-T dongles have new-found popularity since it was discovered they can be used as very inexpensive software defined radios. Since these are based on the Elonics E4000 tuner IC they have a very large tunable range of 64-2300MHz. The connector type of the antenna is male PAL aerial and the USB board female PAL aerial. Included with purchase: 1pc USB dongle 1pc metal antenna 1pc antenna mount 1pc software & guide.
3. Ham It Up Basics — Instructions on how to set it up.
4. Ham It Up Demo — Using it the first time.
5. Dongle And Ham It Up Tips — N4LQ demonstrates the kits.

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Vietnam Vet John McCain Votes To Cut Vet Pensions

Senator John McCain, a Vietnam veteran, has voted on a budget deal that will cut the pensions of disabled veterans. Would you vote for McCain as president of the United States? All vets need to vote for McCain, since he is going to be a nominee in 2016. And while you’re at it you can thank Paul Ryan too.

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Nothing To Worry About

Would you let people peer through window without your consent? Would you feel violated if you found out that they were invading your privacy and were violating the constitution? You are being told that you have nothing to worry about. In March of 2013, 3 billion pieces of intelligence were gathered in the US. Worldwide, up to to 97 billion bits of information were gathered. No such capability?

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TrailBlazer: Opening Up A Pandora’s Box

This documentary investigates the legal parameters of wiretapping and the history of it. Surveillance technology has perforated the culture of intelligence, even if it’s at the cost of the fourth amendment. Sophisticated mechanisms allows all types of means to suit this purpose. But is this really legal? Have they opened up a Pandora’s box?

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FTTP: Australia Drops Fiber Optics Project

Australia has decided to drop its ambitious $44 billion project to reach 93% of homes with high-speed broadband. The fiber optics plan, also known as the National Broadband Network (NBN), was going to be the initiative to extend the range of fiber optics. Conservative politicians have rallied to halt the NBN project, even though public support for it has been strong.

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Putin Replaces RIA Novosti with Russia Today

Vladimir Putin has announced that the RIA Novosti news agency will be replaced by the Russia Today news. And it “will take over all property owned by RIA Novosti in the country and abroad,” according to B92 News.

“On 9 December 2013 President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered RIA Novosti’s liquidation and the creation of International Information Agency Russia Today,” more commonly known as Russia Today.

An article in the New York Times emphasized the recent protests in the Ukraine, probably one reason Putin has scrapped RIA Novosti. Maybe he is trying to consolidate the news in order to contain the publicity.

Twitter users will note that there were pictures trending of Ukraine protesters toppling the Lenin statue in the city of Kiev.

Image: Wikipedia