The Snowden Revelations Shed Some Light On Dark Mail

Encrypted email companies provide a private service that offers an alternative to commercial email servers. The recent Snowden revelations do shed some light on dark mail, as well as the targeting by government agencies.

Here’s an excellent audio presentation regarding the topic. DLIGU (Don’t Let It Go Unheard): Interview with Lavabit (Snowden email provider) Founder Ladar Levison.

In the Snowden case, it turns out that the company he allegedly used for email encryption, Lavabit, had to completely shut down after the U.S. government demanded the keys to encryption. Although it remains unconfirmed publicly, it is likely that Snowden was the target sought after by the feds.

The founder of the Lavabit, Ladar Levison, gave an interview with BBC News concerning internet privacy, which is one of the hottest topics of the year.

The founder did not want to compromise the accounts of his customers and he refused to hand over the encryption keys without a struggle. Levison has challenged the government and has gone to court over these sensitive issues.

Another tech company has teamed up with Lavabit and the Dark Mail Alliance may change the way email is done.

Tailored Access Operations (TAO) is a cyber-warfare intelligence-gathering unit that is used by the feds to ‘monitor’ numerous services: alibabaForumUser, doubleclickID, rocketmail, hi5Uid, hotmailCID, linkedin, mailruMrcu, msnMailToken64, qq, facebook, simbarUuid, twitter, yahoo, ymail, youTube.

“By collaboration with the British GHCQ, Google services could be attacked too, including Gmail.”

XKeyscore gives the NSA the ability to gain access to any computer in almost every country. In fact, the NSA has its own team of hackers.


Has DirecTV Dropped INSP? No More Good Night, John Boy?

DirecTV and INSP may be having difficulties reaching an agreement. Initially, DirecTV dumped the Weather Channel, and now according to reliable sources, the Inspiration Network may be in jeopardy. Here’s the big headline: DirecTV has dropped INSP! Is this for real? No more Good night, John Boy?

If this is truly the case, many viewers are going to be angry. It is estimated that approximately 74,631,000 American households receive INSP.

Regardless of the circumstance, DirecTV will not score any points if the network is lost. It’s a bit early to evaluate the situation and some say there are two sides of the story.

For the faithful who want to hear the Good night, John Boy again, there’s always this: Waltons: Complete Seasons 1-9 & Movie Collection.

And so it goes. Good night, John Boy.


A New Way To Do The Selfie

This gadget is another addition to the selfie collection. The selfie is very popular to the online culture. Make it easy with X Mount.


Thailand Protests Getting Violent

Protest coverage has highlighted the news lately, with Ukraine getting most of the attention. This time it’s Thailand and the crisis is so serious that a state of emergency has been declared.

Several explosions have hit Bangkok, leaving dozens of people injured. The social unrest continues.

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NSA Spying Makes Watergate Look Good

Former Facebook security chief, Max Kelly, now with NSA

The American people don’t much want to talk about it because they have too many other problems to worry about in their daily lives. They know something doesn’t feel right whenever their privacy is violated. Spying is not new; societies have been doing this for thousands of years. There’s only one exception: technology is smarter than it ever was. The NSA spying makes the Watergate scandal look good.

They nailed President Nixon to the wall for far less malicious activity than what is being allowed today. And it is widely known that politicians in the past played hardball, almost all of them, or at least many of them. The reason to assassinate Nixon’s career was political, and was effective.

Collecting metadata is not a partial gesture, it’s nonstop total surveillance.

The web that was weaved (pun intended) has entangled the likes of bureaucracy and corporation. The NSA and Silicon Valley partnership has literally become a revolving door.

There’s been little fanfare regarding the former chief security officer for Facebook, Max Kelly, and his exit from Facebook in 2010 for another position. Guess where he landed? You got it. At NSA.

This should leave little doubt where the tech industry is headed and no struggling tech company is going to turn down big profits doled by government, especially when start-ups are funded from the same hand.

And one computer nerd turns to another and slyly proclaims his steadfastness: “They can’t collect my data because I turn my computer off and unplug it from the modem every night.” Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but the NSA can gather your data with the computer off. Yes, it’s been confirmed.

Kudos to the New York Times for the report: N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers. Since 2008, this method has been deployed.

Phone calls, text messages, and more are stored for future inquiries, which have been many. The Dishfire program collects millions of text messages daily.

Perspicuous Politics

Glenn Greenwald — The reforms are little more than a PR attempt.

This scam has been so frequently used that it is now easily recognizable. In the mid-1970s, the Senate uncovered surveillance abuses that had been ongoing for decades, generating widespread public fury.

But the new court (FISA) was designed to ensure that all of the government’s requests were approved: it met in secret, only the government’s lawyers could attend, it was staffed with the most pro-government judges, and it was even housed in the executive branch. As planned, the court over the next 30 years virtually never said no to the government.

As a result, the committees, ostensibly intended to serve an overseer function, have far more often acted as the NSA’s in-house PR firm. The heralded mid-1970s reforms did more to make Americans believe there was reform than actually providing any, thus shielding it from real reforms.

Steve Lendman — NSA Spying: Worse Than You Think

So is doublethink. US officials know what’s going on. They lie. They speak with forked tongue. They claim otherwise. They do it with a straight face.

If Mr. Nixon were alive today, he might have cringed at the title, NSA Spying: Worse Than You Think. No matter what any president says, the domestic spying will continue, regardless of the rhetoric.

Isn’t this called phone tapping President Obama?

President Richard M.Nixon — Nov. 17, 1973

Because people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook.


China’s WU-14 Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Generates Publicity

Congress may be ratcheting up a  fear campaign over China’s new missile. The exaggerated threat has developed on the wings of profits, and an imaginary powerful enemy is necessary to keep the funds perpetuated. The first test was detected over China recently. It’s been called the WU-14 Hypersonic Glide Vehicle, and it has generated some publicity upon confirmation. The public’s perception must be managed with the event.

However, the US Air Force conducted  a similar test years ago.

The Boeing X-51 Waverider has successfully completed a flight of over six minutes and reached speeds of over Mach 5. Hypersonic speed is generally referred to speeds of Mach 5 and above, with potentials reaching from 5.0 to 10.0 Mach. That translates from 3,840 to 7,680 miles-per-hour.

It’s hard to say if this high tech weapon is a rocket or not, but one thing is for sure, it’s not a typical missile. The Boeing X-51 seems to be something out of the space age, and now China has matched the technology.

The WU-14 is the Pentagon’s code name for a Chinese hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV).

Let’s hope there’s a commercial purpose for this type of tech, instead of being used on the battlefield.


Hello Smartphone Goodbye VCR

Yada yada yada.

Our taste for tech has changed in the last decade or so, according to Gallup. It should be of no surprise to anyone that the ubiquitous smartphone is in, while the ancient VCR is out. Hmmm. Some of us will not let go of said VCR or desktop computer. Thank you very much for asking.

Despite the otherwise obvious, cable television popularity has not changed much, believe it or not. With new streaming gadgets catering to the internet crowd, one would think that cable might be on the downswing. Not so you infomercial lovers.

It is interesting to note that the wireless TV boxes are halfway there though. This gap may narrow as the door opens up to more options and a greater number of consumers gain access to set top boxes. This trend should not be understated.

Wireless access is now common and is king, or queen if you prefer. We’re talking wireless, smartphones, laptops, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.

And the basic cell phone which is not classified as a smartphone is getting quite lonely. They’re not as fashionable as the old retro cell phones with the big antennas though. Well, that’s an opinion from a desktop owner.

Yada yada yada.