The DIY Insect Trap

How to make a Homemade Fly Trap

The pesky fly that keeps annoying all in the habitation. So many videos mixed with varying results. Occasionally there’s some that catch the attention. What about the DIY fly trap?

The Best Home Made Fruit Fly Trap (with proof)

Gnats are equally as annoying. Another video caught my attention. Is this the simplest and most effective way of getting rid of fruit flies? How about the DIY gnat trap?

Rubbing Alcohol in a Spray Bottle

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the fly swatter and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I’ll spray them and smack them!


How To Prevent The Next Superbug From Spreading

To prevent the spread of infections, and definitely including superbugs, concerned patients should clean their hands often. A major awareness should focus on Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (aka KPC).

If we are to help prevent the nightmare bacteria from infection, people should clean their hands often:


1. Before preparing or eating food
2. Before touching their eyes, nose, or mouth
3. Before and after changing wound dressings or bandages
4. After using the restroom
5. After blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing
6. After touching hospital surfaces such as bed rails, bedside tables, doorknobs, remote controls, or the phone

Oddly enough, KPC is found in the normal flora of the mouth, skin, and intestines. K. pneumoniae has been demonstrated to increase crop yields in agricultural conditions.

KPC is just one of the Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) bacteria included into the nightmare bacteria genre, a group of highly resistant superbugs.

New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase-1 (NDM-1) is another type.

E. coli is also what is deemed as gram-negative. “Gram-negative bacteria are a group of bacteria that do not retain the crystal violet stain used in the Gram staining method of bacterial differentiation.”

Generally speaking, Klebsiella infections are seen mostly in people with a weakened immune system, of which affects ill patients. Middle-aged and older men with debilitating diseases fit into this group, but anyone with a weakened system is susceptible. KPC ranks second to E. coli for urinary tract infections in older people.


Precision Agriculture Is The New Paradigm

Satellites and GPS technology are tools that have reached big industry. Take railroad for example. One piece of technology will replace 500 employees when indicating a hot box detector. Bad for employees good for stockholders. Is this beneficial for society? Only time will tell. A new farming trend is precision farming. Goodbye to conventional farming? Big data is becoming the new norm on the farm.

With the arrival of GPS and GNSS (global navigation satellite system), farmers can track data like never before. An example in place is the Grain yield monitor: A device coupled with other sensors to calculate and record the crop yield or grain yield as a modern-day combine harvester operates.

What if we bring the Unmanned aerial vehicle into the equation? The Phantom (UAV) could be flying atop your nearby field of crops and a camera can be added as an accessory by the way. Maybe we could spy on the neighbors with the Phantom?

Maybe we could use a Drone with Camera for Beginners!

When spacing the rows of my crops I used a couple of good old tobacco sticks. No, not very high tech, but very practical and efficient. What if one had the equipment to use satellites in the sky to do this Precision farming?

What about the DJI MG-1S – the Agricultural Wonder Drone? Agricultural drones to the rescue!


Plans To Debut 8K TVs In Year 2018

While most of us are just getting used to the notion of 4K televisions, there is talk of plans to debut 8K in the year 2018. Sharp and Foxconn are building in Guangzhou, China as several states in the U.S. are bidding for the plant. Michigan and Wisconsin are at the top.

8K UHDTV is 7680 pixels wide by 4320 pixels tall (33.18 megapixels), which is sixteen times as many pixels and four times the spatial resolution of current 1080p HDTV.

Actually there are six states in the hat including Wisconsin, which has valued the proposed investment at more than $7 billion.

Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are considered as possible locations, according to this business report.

If you think technology is getting ahead of itself, the 11K TV has already been discussed by Samsung.

No sweat you say. If you are interested in the next-level 8K monitor by Dell, you will pay only $5,000 to possess the bragging rights to friends. I suspect not many will be in the market to buy this unit, but Dell hopes this idea catches on.

I don’t know about you, but my old scratched up monitor is looking better by the minute. As the mercury hits around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m more interested in the air conditioner. Please don’t fail me now!

Have a good one and try to stay cool.


Tracking Employees With Fitbit

Just what will corporate think of next? Will corporate resort to tracking the fitness of employees with Fitbit smart wristbands? What’s the purpose? Maybe Fitbit will allow the boss to track employee exercise to cut insurance costs. Wearable trackers display the exercise the employee is applying. What if he or she swaps with someone else? Hmmm.

There’s no doubt that tech companies are getting into the game. Tracking fitness with corporate wellness equals huge profits with wearables and partnerships have been developing, for example: Target Partners Up With Fitbit.

However, is there a privacy issue on the horizon? Isn’t the act of tracking fringing on moral grounds of discrimination? The data can be stored for interested parties to analyze. The data is assessed and transferred via third party traffic if necessary. Experts are using terms such as nondescript.

Employee wellness programs are the norm these days, whether we like it or not.

The future of corporate wellness programs are leading to what is called data integration. The dark side of corporate wellness could mean something more sinister, with that all too familiar term called surveillance, adding more anxiety to employee culture.

We can envision new services, jobs, training, etc. Imagine this: How to Build a Wellness Program.

Corporate wellness is the new thing.


iPhone 4 Makes A Great Music Player

We walk, we jog, we run, we mow the lawn, and we enjoy nature. (And we are all together.) I’ve always enjoyed hand held electronic devices. Why not get a used iPhone 4 smart phone and listen to music? Well I did and this is my experience.

Of course everybody must have the latest and greatest and I truly understand this. (Expert, textpert choking smokers.) To each his/her own and so on and so forth. I like music, podcasts, and radio programming. I am big on audio.

Apple is corporate and corporates must keep stock up and so forth. The idea is to innovate and grow bigger. I get it.

However, I am me and I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. (I am he as you are he as you are me…)

I wanted a player to listen to audio. So how did the iPhone 4 hold up? Actually the quality was much better than I expected. Along with a great set of headphones like Skullcandy Hesh 2 and you’re there baby. Great set of cans by the way!

As the one who mows the lawn can tell you, it can become rather mundane over time. This little phony just made the task much more rewarding. You can still hear the mower, yet the noise is more or less background noise.

And don’t you just love the commercials where the old guy is singing with the cans on? Maybe that was another commercial.

With sound like this it’s hard not to go with the flow. (Goo goo g’ joob Goo Goo Goo g’ joob)

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Potassium, Magnesium, Omega 3 Food List

It appears that two of the most important sources of nutritional requirements are potassium and magnesium. According to health experts, magnesium is a mineral that many of us are lacking. Magnesium is good for the heart and stress. Believe it or not, if you suffer from leg cramps it is probably a deficiency in magnesium and not potassium.

“Magnesium deficiency is more common than most physicians believe.” Here’s the causes of magnesium deficiency.

Here’s what’s most interesting. Some super foods cover the same ground. Take spinach for example. Whoever created the famous Popeye cartoon knew nutrition in a big way. If you study nutrition, spinach is usually near the top of every list.

Another super food is the orange colored carrot. If you are a fan of juicing, carrot juice should be at the top of your list. The taste isn’t to die for, but a bit of orange juice takes some of the edge from the taste. Carrot juice benefits your body in many ways.

Everybody would agree that the Omega 3 foods benefit all that consume. And for those that are not into fish will find a few choices. There’s that spinach thing again. But there’s no doubt that fish is king in this category.

Cheers to your health mate!

Magnesium Rich Foods
1. Spinach
2. Pumpkin seeds
3. Broccoli
4. Almonds
5. Black Beans
6. Kidney Beans
7. Avocado
8. Peas
9. Dark Chocolate
10. Banana
11. Cashews
12. Flaxseed
13. Black-eyed Peas
14. Pollock Atlantic Fish
15. Peanut butter

Potassium Rich Foods
1. Baked Potato with skin
2. Spinach
3. Baked Sweet Potatoes
4. White Beans
5. Lima Beans
6. Avocado
7. Squash
8. Tomatoes
9. Salmon
10. Apricots
11. Pomegranate
12. Coconut Water
13. Banana
14. Mustard Greens
15. Carrots
16. Walnuts
17. Halibut

Omega-3 Rich Foods
1. Mackerel
2. Salmon
3. Cod Liver Oil
4. Walnuts
5. Flaxseeds
6. Tuna
7. Anchovies
8. Egg Yolks
9. Spinach
10. Mustard Oil
11. Blueberries
12. Avocados
13. Broccoli
14. Lettuce
15. Strawberries


Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Why Can’t We Be Friends? by War
Released : April 1975

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

La, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

I seen ya around for a long long time
I really remember you when you drank my wine

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

I’d seen ya walking down in Chinatown
I called ya but you could not look around

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

I pay my money to the (corporate) welfare line
I see ya standing in it every time

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

The color of your skin don’t matter to me
As long as we can live in harmony

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

I’d kinda’ like to be the president
So I could show you how your money’s spent

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

Sometimes I don’t speak right
But yet I know what I’m talking about

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

I know you’re working for the CIA
They wouldn’t have you in the ma-fi-a

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends

Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends
Why can’t we be friends


How To Lose The Weight And Feel Better

It’s always the right time of year to lose the weight and feel better. But just how should we do it? Is there a magic pill we might take to accomplish our goal? Probably not. Here are a few tips I’ve gathered and I’d like to share them with you. It’s all about discipline and more of the same. There is no easy way out no matter what they say. Look to diet and exercise. And when we say diet, we mean food choices. Dieting is not good for anybody.

1. No soda. Period. Nada. No sugar drinks at all. Drink water.
2. No pizza or a limited supply of it.
3. No fast food. If so, make it salad or fish. Baked potato is good.
4. No burgers. Nada. Limit the beef. Try turkey products.
5. No cake.
6. No ice cream.
7. No chocolate or sweets. Maybe the occasional piece of dark chocolate.
8. No sugar or limited amounts. Try fruits instead.
9. Limit the salt intake.
10. No bread or limited amounts.

1. Oatmeal or the occasional eggs.
2. If you’re a cereal person consider Cheerios. Maybe consider shredded wheat or a bran flake.

1. Chicken or turkey.
2. Greens. Try broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, or mustard greens.
3. Baked potato or sweet potato.
4. Black beans, pinto beans, or white beans of some type.
5. Think vegetable soup.

1. Chicken or fish.
2. Salad.
3. Finger foods low on calories.
4. Never eat after 10:00 PM.

1. Walk or jog 20 minutes a day.
2. Try lifting weights or find a hobby that includes exercise.
3. Do not watch the news. Be positive and keep it real.
4. Keep the mind occupied.
5. Find a friend to share the benefits.
6. Think sports or outdoor physical activity. Bicycling is good. Cleaning house is an exercise.

Try to have beans or greens with every lunch setting, or at least every other setting. White beans are rich in potassium. The baked potato is also rich in potassium. Spinach is loaded with potassium. All of the orange colored foods are rich in vitamins.

Here is a good rule of thumb. Stick to the perimeter of the store. This is the vital lane. Stick to the produce aisle with fruits and vegetables. Try little or no bread, because it is loaded with sugar and toxic substances. Sugar is not your friend at all. Stay away from the candy or baked goods aisle. None of it is healthy. Remember think natural and not canned. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients it’s not a good thing.

Cheating is good, but do it in small portions. Try to avoid the mindless eating routine. We’re all guilty of it.

Drink natural water and plenty of it. Twenty minutes a day of walking is good, and a brisk walk is even better. Some sunshine does a body good. If you need electrolytes, consider the Pedialyte drink. It has more bang for the buck and is more charged with the good stuff. Don’t take my word for it. Do the research.