Coming Up For Fresh Air

If there was an alleged tweet from the newly elected leader telling them to keep it, I wonder what the item was… An underwater drone perhaps? And did the newly elected leader tell them to keep it? Let them keep it he exclaimed in a tweet! Or did they steal it?

“On December 16, 2016, a Chinese warship seized an underwater drone that was in the process of being retrieved by the U.S. Navy ship USNS Bowditch. A day later, the Chinese Defense Ministry said it will return the drone to the United States.” That fish was just gathering weather data of course.

Amidst the friendly ongoing diplomatic dialogue there was an agreement to return the “unidentified equipment” back to the United States. China expresses its shared condolences in response to the Freedom of navigation code.

“It’s all about dominance,” award winning filmmaker John Pilger explained in a recent interview. Pilger said that during the cold war with Russia there were red lines that were made between the two countries. In the struggle between the U.S. and China those red lines are blurred.

One last question to ponder. Was the underwater drone made in China?


Fleet Week In Baltimore

You can bet your DUF6 that the big buzz was in Baltimore this past week. Why hex yeah, climb aboard the NS Savannah, the first nuclear-powered merchant ship. This was at a cost of $46.9 million, including a $28.3 million nuclear reactor and fuel core, all funded by United States government agencies. It’s Fleet Week in Baltimore.

The first Fleet Week was held in San Diego, California, during the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition.

With a program of $22.5 billion you get the “21st Century Destroyer”. Commissioned on October 15, 2016, the Navy debuts the futuristic USS Zumwalt, a one of a kind stealth marvel with the low radar profile. Can less really be more?

If it’s noise that you’re after you’d better speak up pal, because the Blue Angels are drowning you out. Yes, I’ve seen them in action also.


There’s A Chuck-will’s-widow Outside My Window

It was a warm spring night when I was browsing on the computer, and then suddenly an unfamiliar but very warm song penetrated my ears, as well as my psyche. The unbroken melodic sounds were very relaxing, yet somehow unsettling at the same time. The notes were very similar to the mark of a whip-poor-will, but not exactly the same. Upon doing my usual YouTube classic sound reference move, I soon guessed that it was a Chuck-will’s-widow.

One legend claims that a whip-poor-will can sense a soul departing or a death in the neighborhood. A Native American legend believes that the haunting song of the species is a death omen.

And the sound that I heard after midnight was hauntingly beautiful. Is there a Ghost House nearby?

The Road Not Taken is a poetic classic that we may have misunderstood. This popular Robert Frost classic is incredibly popular by all standards.

“In the middle of the poem it becomes very clear that the two roads that the speaker is confronting are actually the same, or at least interchangeable.” This is explained by David Orr, poetry columnist for The New York Times. He says Americans have the poem all wrong.

Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.

Does it really matter which road that I take? ‘The Road Not Taken’ may be the same as a dozen other choices in life. Nothing is simple in life.

I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

Or maybe I just wanted to accentuate my individualism.


Expletive Vs Explicative

We all make mistakes when it comes to language, because none of us are perfect. The expletive is explicative of the nature of it. It’s so easy to fit one word into a sentence and get it wrong. Today we focus on expletive vs. explicative. What’s the difference?

Expletive Vs Explicative

1. Expletive — an interjectory word or expression, frequently profane. (Noun. Source:
2. Explicative — explanatory. (Adjective. Source:

Expletive refers to an expression, which usually involves curse words. It’s a polite way of saying that the user is employing profanity in the dialogue.

Explicative is another cool version of explain. It sounds intellectual doesn’t it?