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YouTube →Keeper of the Keys

Apr 16, 2017 — This lecture examines theories of the Goddess Cybele. In Rome, Cybele was known as Magna Mater (“Great Mother”). The Roman state adopted and developed a particular form of her cult after the Sibylline oracle recommended her conscription as a key religious component in Rome’s second war against Carthage.

YouTube →Why Gluten is bad for your health with Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly

Apr 16, 2015 — Gluten Dangers. Why gluten is bad for your health and making you fat. Randy Alvarez, host of The Wellness Hour, discussing the book Wheat Belly with author and cardiologist Dr. William Davis.

YouTube →Sugar Addiction: Defeating the Greatest Dietary Crisis of All Time

June 19, 2014 — Sugar Addiction: Defeating the Greatest Dietary Crisis of All Time by Julia Ross, M.A., M.F.T., N.N.T.S.

YouTube → The Circle of Confusion

Apr 10, 2015 — In optics, a circle of confusion is an optical spot caused by a cone of light rays from a lens not coming to a perfect focus when imaging a point source. It is also known as disk of confusion, circle of indistinctness, blur circle, or blur spot.

YouTube → The Janus Concept

Jun 6, 2015 — Janus = Dagon, Saturn, Satan (the two-faced God).

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