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Putin Replaces RIA Novosti with Russia Today

Putin Replaces RIA Novosti with Russia Today

Vladimir Putin has announced that the RIA Novosti news agency will be replaced by the Russia Today news. And it “will take over all property owned by RIA Novosti in the country and abroad,” according to B92 News. “On 9 [...]

Jobless Rate Lowest In 5 Years; Food Assistance Higher Than Ever?

It’s phenomenal that some say the economy is blossoming and the jobless rate is the lowest that it has been in 5 years. Hold on to that thought because another phenomenon is occurring; an incredible amount of Americans have simply [...]

Another Reason Why The Media Are Biased

Fair And Unbiased News? Fuhgeddaboudit Family News Buddies… Let’s talk about another reason why the corporate media are biased, bogus, and hopeless. Forget about Benghazi for a minute. Forget about conservative fixed news versus liberal short skirt news. They’re all [...]