The Other Side

Strange ocurrences awaken us and shock our mortal being. We suddenly find that we are on the flip side of life!

Is It Inappropriate To Smell Other People’s Food?

Is It Inappropriate To Smell Other People’s Food?

If someone offers you a home-baked cookie, should you smell the cookie in front of them? Absolutely not! Do not make the mistake of smelling the food! How dare you? How could you? Who does this? You stuck your honker [...]

Rumor Countdown: Olbermann Coming Back To MSNBC?

Face it; the ratings have tanked and the MSNBC Rumor Alert is that Olbermann is coming back. “The struggling cable net has to figure out how to overhaul its programming following two of its worst quarterly performances in recent memory.” [...]

Is There Such A Thing As Privacy These Days?

Isn’t this astonishing? You were just making conversation in the family living quarters and afterwards something strange occurred. Upon arriving on the internet you surmise that the ads on the screen are very similar to the previous dialog. Are we [...]

The Latest Sniper Fire Controversy (Helicopter This Time)

The Latest Sniper Fire Controversy (Helicopter This Time)

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Maybe it’s time for a vacation with the Clintons… All the world’s a stage and all the men and women (reporters) merely players (liars). “Objectivity is a central philosophical concept, related to reality and truth, which has [...]

InstallGram: We Install Everything

What if…one website could install everything. And the website owners would make sure the downloads were installed correctly. Welcome to Web 4.0. We’ve fixed all of the bugs and the internet of things has become a way of life. It [...]

The Reason All Economists Have Become Magicians

The Reason All Economists Have Become Magicians

Go ahead and read all of the economic literature you want. I dare you. Pretend that you have a solution to the world’s economic problems. Explain that you have an advanced degree in economics and psychology for that matter. Here’s [...]

Do You Have Fearbola? Catch The Update.

Do you have ‘Fearbola’? If you caught the episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers then you got the scoop. But maybe there’s a chance that you didn’t. Seth interviews a very clever doctor that has all of the details.

NSA Spying Makes Watergate Look Good

Former Facebook security chief, Max Kelly, now with NSA The American people don’t much want to talk about it because they have too many other problems to worry about in their daily lives. They know something doesn’t feel right whenever [...]