Headphones: Get Bluetooth On Almost Any Device


Bluetooth is here to stay. It’s fashionable, practical, and it’s polite. One thing to think about. Will the Bluetooth headphones pair with any device? I’ve had trouble in the past, until I acquired this item: COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones

After unboxing and taking a look at the product, I didn’t know what to expect. The COWIN E7 product sounded good right out of the box. The bass was there, along with clarity. I wish there was more volume on all of my headphones, however, my ears are probably grateful.

Let’s put the product to the test. Here are some on the list: Amazon Firestick, iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, etc. You name it, it finally connected with Bluetooth. I’m streaming movies, music, videos, and the like. There was only a brief amount of patience required and now I’m a happy camper.

The cans feel comfortable, look good, so what more can I say?

Battery life is also an issue with many of the cheaper headphones. Frustration is likely when the battery goes down before the movie is over. The COWIN E7 offers 30 Hours Playtime Per Charge at Bluetooth Mode. That’s putting us in the game. Plenty of battery to get through the day.

Let’s hope the performance and battery life holds up over time…


Wanted: Office Ink Pen That Writes Smoothly

Wanted…Work in an office type of environment and want an ink pen that writes smoothly. Sorry to the other guys that make pens. I’m now a Zebra guy. I like the way that this Zebra G-301 pen writes: Zebra G-301 Stainless Steel Retractable Gel Pen, Medium Point, 0.7mm, Black Ink

Some gel pens may be considered too messy or blotchy according to varied consumers. Fortunately, this just isn’t the case with the Zebra G-301. The writing is nearly flawless.

A continuity of flow is the strong point here, pun not intended. The other guys’ pens sometimes stop writing, especially during colder weather. If you are writing outside in severe weather conditions, this doesn’t cut it. You need a smooth flow of fluid.

Another selling point is the sturdy stainless steel barrel with a stylish design that will not go unnoticed! I really like the feel of the pen as well as the looks of it.

I know it’s just an ink pen, but why settle for an average looking ink pen?



Background Singer In You’re So Vain Is…Mick Jagger

If you’re like me, you’ve listened to You’re So Vain by Carly Simon many times. But, after listening today I noticed a subtle difference, a background voice which sounded familiar. There were Clouds in my coffee. Wait, is this voice Mick Jagger?

Wouldn’t you like to hear Mick sing this song?

Carly is quite the entertainer and she has an awesome voice. She sang for Howard Stern (1995) without music and she was dazzling. As usual, Howard was so vein but got some good responses from Carly. She handled him with class.


Is It Inappropriate To Smell Other People’s Food?

If someone offers you a home-baked cookie, should you smell the cookie in front of them? Absolutely not! Do not make the mistake of smelling the food! How dare you? How could you? Who does this?

You stuck your honker in the cookie? Oooh! Nasty! Boogers!

If you must use your talented senses, please do it in a manner that does not get you noticed. Otherwise your friends might label you as a “food sniffer” and you will certainly be ostracized. At all costs, avoid this mistake and be very subtle. Use extreme caution and keep your nose out of the cookie!

Do not be overly (overtly) observant or suspicious because this will be construed as being completely rude. Yes, just plain old rude, especially if a friend or coworker brought the food in from home.

I know your significant other is a fantastic cook and the no-bake cookies they make are out of this world! Nevertheless, you must never let your guest know that their food is subpar. Don’t go there friend!

Just change subjects perhaps…maybe talk about the weather or sports. Do not be considered a judge of cooking. Again, do not go there. You will have the stigma of being a “sniffer” and who needs this sort of rubbish? (I’m currently seeing a therapist.)

Savor the cookies at home and be polite, even if the cookies your friend made are bland (bland as cardboard). And I do not mean to imply that this ever happened to me personally…Yuck!


The Real Cause Of Heartburn

The real cause of heartburn may not be what you think it is. We are constantly being bombarded with endless commercials claiming that too much stomach acid is the culprit. The acid is squirting up out of the stomach. Let’s explore.

What if too little stomach acid is the real cause of acid reflux? Is it possible that you’ve been led down the garden path once again? Is this another medical mistake?

The medical community will suggest to use the anti-acids or PPI’s to put out the flame. Yet, they do not tell you that longterm these medications may be harmful to you. Yes, they may be harmful to you in the long run.

Dare I say it again. A natural approach to health may apply once again. Are there natural remedies that might benefit the overall being? We must be magnanimous toward the one’s that misguide us.

I once read an article where a patient told how he cured himself just by losing weight. There must be some validity to his story. Being overweight must put pressure on this vital area. Losing weight will become a good start to getting rid of the burn.

This alludes to changing to a better diet. Instead of all the processed foods, we begin to eat healthy raw foods, i.e. vegetables and fruits. Our grandparents got this one right.

Essentially, some of us need MORE stomach acid instead of reducing it, especially as we get older. How to increase stomach acid?

There are several ways to do this. First of all, our water drinking habits need to change. One should drink small amounts of water before, during, and after the meal, or perhaps none at all around mealtime. This is to insure that we do not dilute the gastric acid in the stomach, which is needed for digestion

A typical adult human stomach will secrete about 1.5 liters of gastric acid daily.

Gastric juice is a variable mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphate, sulfate, and bicarbonate), and organic substances (mucus, pepsins, and protein). So guess what. Gastric juice is our friend and we must help nature instead of fighting it.

Another solution is lemon and honey in the morning. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a cup of room temperature water and enjoy. A teaspoon of honey can be added or do what I do, just take the honey straight from the spoon. Honey is a good healer and immunity builder.

This remedy will help many things, including weight loss. It’s actually a good liver cleanse. Remember, no food for 30 minutes after the lemon drink.

A factor many do not understand is one of the ingredients mentioned above—hydrochloric acid—which includes a type of salt—not the commercial grade table salt—-but what is called Pink Himalayan Salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt will help increase the gastric juices our bodies require, and will provide us with more of the trace minerals that we need to remain healthy. I put 1/8 teaspoon in a cup of water and drink up.

After applying these methods and still no results, it is imperative to lower the coffee intake, or completely cut it out for a brief period. Coffee can wreak havoc on the body if overused for long periods of time. In the past when I had severe heartburn issues, coffee was definitely a big factor.

In conclusion, a better diet and exercise will improve the health dramatically. However, there may be another point to make here. What some may refer to as acid reflux, might actually be a condition called a Hiatal hernia, and if this is the case, it can be treated: How to Fix a Hiatal Hernia.


Qui es-tu Fritz Haber?

We begin with a chilling statistic: 91% of men, and 84% of women, have fantasized about killing someone. Qui es-tu Fritz Haber?

The 20th century changes planet earth forever, with a grand scale of war that had never been imaginable. Meanwhile, back on the farm, life was difficult and sometimes bearable. Nationalism brings with it the idea of sovereignty plus a new national identity.

The Father Of Poison Gas

What’s the accomplishment that’s so great? Haber (The Father Of Poison Gas) is known for developing and weaponizing chlorine and other poisonous gases during World War I. Ironically, it was his discovery of Zyklon B that was used at the Auschwitz death camp to murder Jews and other victims during the Holocaust. This was during World War II.

Remember, it should be noted that Fritz Haber’s heritage was Jewish. This means that his inventions helped to kill his own people.

He received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1918 for his invention of the Haber–Bosch process, a method used in industry to synthesize ammonia from nitrogen gas and hydrogen gas.

Another important discovery was the Haber–Weiss reaction.

In January 2012, Radiolab aired a segment on Haber, including the invention of the Haber Process, the Second Battle of Ypres, his involvement with Zyklon B, and the death of his wife, Clara.

1. Fritz Haber Part 1 (YouTube)
2. Fritz Haber Part 2 (YouTube)