Top 10 Aussie Polls July 2011

Top Ten Aussie Polls July

1. Do you support Gilliard’s carbon tax?
2. Are you worried the carbon tax will drive up living costs?
3. Should there be an inquiry into media ethics in Australia?
4. Have you been spending less this year?
5. Should restaurants be allowed to ban children?
6.Should Spain’s Running Of The Bulls festival be banned?
7. Would you let your child attend shooting clases?
8. Should the government have lifted the ban on live exports?
9. Has the Tiger debacle put you off flying budget airlines?
10. Should Facebook be taught in schools?

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Did Your City Make The List?

There are forty cities that are on the list supposedly, but not all of them are showed for some unknown reason. Okay, might not be the smartest article ever, but it sprinkled with humor and a lightness of being. We could use more lighthearted stories during these trying times.

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Ron Paul Has A New Ad

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) will run television advertisements in Iowa and New Hampshire criticizing his party’s leaders for considering a compromise on raising the debt ceiling.

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