Trends tell what society is thinking.

Canada Cuts Deal With China, Bypassing US Dollar

China has cut deals with several nations, including Canada, and the Chinese yuan seems to be slowly replacing the US dollar as the world currency. The renminbi literally means “people’s currency”. On the same note, London is seizing on China’s [...]

The Crude Oil War Could Bring $75 Per Barrel!

As we look at current crude oil trends, the price is $81.01 per barrel (WTI), and $86.13 for Brent Crude Oil. The market implies that oil is definitely on the decline. What is the agenda? Are they trying to make [...]

The Future Of The Payment System Is The Chip Card

Meet George Jetson. See how George automates his house. Apple Pay is the talk of the day. The giant corporation tried to pull a fast one and monopolize the mobile payment system, only to get rejected by Wal-Mart and Best [...]

Hello Smartphone Goodbye VCR

Yada yada yada. Our taste for tech has changed in the last decade or so, according to Gallup. It should be of no surprise to anyone that the ubiquitous smartphone is in, while the ancient VCR is out. Hmmm. Some [...]