Oil Consumption As An Economic Indicator

It may not be clear to many of us, but oil consumption could be an economic indicator that is important to us. Let’s look at some of the data available to us. One list based on different yearly estimates, lists the ranking of the top 10 in order: United States, China, Japan, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Germany, South Korea and Canada.

“In 2010, world energy consumption of refined products increased 3.8%; which was the first increase since 2004.”

And if we observe the statistics, the trends will reveal that “Asia accounted for more than 40% of the overall increase in consumption.” It is clear that China is growing, as “demand for refined products surged by 12% due to increasing needs.”

Where are the trends pointing to in the next 5 years? “In the next five years, almost half of global oil demand growth will come from China, and this trend is set to continue to 2040, as oil demand from the transportation sector is growing strongly in countries such as China and India.”

The International Energy Agency Report for 2016 indicates the following:

“For 2016, the IEA Oil Market Report forecasts worldwide average demand of nearly 96 million barrels of oil and liquid fuels per day – that works out to more than 35 billion barrels a year. Production breached 97 million barrels per day in late 2015.”

Oil Consumption by state will show that the top 5 states are Texas, California, Florida, New York, and Louisiana.


PFOA Free Cookware For Me

The topic at hand is PFOA Free Cookware. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a toxicant and carcinogen in animals. It has been found in some cookware and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) such as Teflon. Basically, much of the non-stick pots and pans have been manufactured with these toxic chemicals in the past. The information has been silenced over the years, but consumers are demanding more these days and the situation is improving.

This will probably not be an issue in the future.

“In 1951, DuPont started using PFOA in the manufacturing of fluoropolymers in Washington, WV.,” and in 1961 the same company became aware of the toxicity of PFOA in mice. In 1999, researchers started to get serious about the health effects from these toxins.

I would urge anyone to do some research on the subject and get educated. One must understand that corporates are more interested in profits than the health of consumers. This is not written to criticize any company; the purpose is to spread the news about a healthier lifestyle.

With the advancement of technology and the manifold applications of the internet, there’s no reason to remain ignorant about better choices, especially concerning our own health. We can and must do better.

After doing some research, I decided to go with this brand: Khome’s Brand KHC0132 Aluminum 14-Piece Marble Orange Cookware Set-Black Non Stick Interior.

So far so good with this brand: Khome’s Brand KHC0132 Aluminum 14-Piece Marble Orange Cookware. It takes a little longer to cook with the healthier cookware, but will be worth the trouble in the end.

It’s the PFOA Free Cookware for me.


Do Automatic Faucets Promote Disease Causing Microbes?

It’s quite common when out shopping to encounter the motion sensing faucet, or better known as the automatic faucet. New is not always better and some technological ideas may not pass the smell test. However, some public entities do not care what their customers think in America. Unfortunately, customer service has gone to the dogs in many cases.

Check this out. Not only is the automatic faucet unfriendly, there may be evidence that hands-free electronic water faucets harbor bacteria.

“A study of newly installed, hands-free faucets at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, all equipped with the latest electronic-eye sensors to automatically detect hands and dispense preset amounts of water, shows they were more likely to be contaminated with one of the most common and hazardous bacteria in hospitals compared to old-style fixtures with separate handles for hot and cold water.”

Isn’t this disturbing information? In fact, “hands-free faucets may be a risk to some hospital patients.”

Recently, I talked with a maintenance engineer and he informed me that not only is this type of faucet expensive, it also is a high maintenance problem, including sensor failure. He indicated that batteries were required for the apparatus.

Another no-go is the annoying electric hand dryer. My hands never get completely dry and I usually just wipe them on my shirt. No problem though, the solution is easy as hand sanitizer.

No paper towels at your facility? Say what?

Have a nice day shopping and don’t forget the hand wipes!


43 Inch TV: Great Quality, Great Price

Product: LG Electronics 43LF5400 43-Inch 1080p LED TV

The weather’s getting very cold outside and it’s that time of the year to catch your favorite team on the tube. If you’re like many who don’t want to be bothered by traffic on the freeway, you’ll probably order the television online. What is the right television to watch the game on? If you need a no-frills TV then just keep on reading.

Here’s what I mean by no-frills: A good quality television with a big screen, non-smart TV, and not many fancy options for audio gear. After all, you just want to catch the game, and you’re not interested in fancy stereo equipment.

How about a 43 inch screen with great quality? Here’s the perfect no-frills HDTV to catch the game on: LG Electronics 43LF5400 43-Inch 1080p LED TV (2015 Model). Smart functionality: No. You don’t need it. Image Aspect Ratio: 16:09. It is the latest technology.

If you want quick connect and get to the barbecue in a flash, then this is the avenue you need to be traveling on.

How do I know about this TV? I just unboxed it and connected the satellite dish cable to it. It rocks I’m telling you.

A word of caution here sports lovers. If you’re a subscriber to a satellite dish company, this TV is going to look a little grainy. It’s because you do not have high definition HD with your subscription. If you want a better picture to watch the game on, then you’re going to have to call the dish company and tell them you want HD quality.

Now the neighbors are going to be green with envy. The big screen LG HDTV blasting on HD quality. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Great quality, a very reasonable price, and ease of use is a no-brainer. You can’t beat the price on this no-frills box.

Again, if you are an audio freak, this might not be right for you. However, I’ve heard the audio coming out of this TV and it’s not cheesy. It’s very good quality for TV speakers.

There are more extras you might be interested in. The LG Electronics 43LF5400 43-Inch 1080p LED TV is light, easy to handle, easy to assemble, and easy to install. I can’t imagine it getting any easier than this.

Some are bent on getting this masterpiece hung on the wall and that’s okay too. I prefer it on a wide TV stand, but that’s my style. Knock yourself out and hang it like a picture!

Be sure not to hang this picture up too high, or you’ll get neck strain

Grab the popcorn and get this 43 inch screen going, because you’re going to miss the action!


Outdoor Bowtie HDTV Antenna Review

Product: DB4e By Antennas Direct

No cable fee, no satellite dish fee, and no increase in bills. And no grainy picture that is totally inferior to true HD quality. Whether you live 30 miles or 60 miles from the broadcast transmitter, you can enjoy free television without the hassles. With this long range HDTV antenna, you have a product that works: 4 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna – 60 Mile Range. How do I know about this antenna? I just hooked it up. I guarantee it will work.

The antennas I had installed, I built them myself and they were quite adequate. On occasion, one channel was giving me a little trouble during adverse atmospheric conditions. I had the problems worked out, but I wanted to try a commercial brand that performed well and required no maintenance.

Another problem that I could not easily solve was, one station was aimed at a different angle. My home brew special pulled the station in sometimes, but other times it would not. The DB4e solved the problem and pulled the station in all of the time.

My working condition is the digital cliff zone. That means I’m on the fringe of reception. I am serious about my antennas.

After doing quite a bit of research on outdoor HDTV antennas, I went with product reviews and as always, with my intuition.

This antenna is a clear success. As a comparison, the DB4e reception was 80% to 100% on all of the channels, whereas before, I was getting around 50% on most channels, and this is not bad considering that I’m 60+ miles from the transmitter. I wanted better reception and I got it with this product.

How is the quality of the antenna? Very solid and well built. It should last for years without any issues.

I highly recommend this antenna even for those living on the digital fringe. Keep in mind that I do not have trees or hills blocking the path.

1. The antenna is well built and all of the parts were included.
2. The quality is awesome.
3. The reception is fantastic. Believe it. Very effective in the rain!
4. The price is very competitive.
5. Install is a breeze. It took me a few minutes to figure out the mast clamp. If I can do it anybody can.

1. The DB4e isn’t designed to do VHF spectrum. It was designed for UHF only. Believe me it will not do VHF very well at least, so do not think that it will. Solution: Just add a splitter/combiner and connect the VHF antenna. Another solution is to get the VHF Retrofit Kit.

2. The mast or clamp is a little cheesy. Do not get me wrong, it works and I do not have a problem with it, but it is rather cheesy. So it’s not really an issue. I used large tie straps, bolt extensions, and hard wire to help secure the antenna. Problem solved.

I would not hesitate to recommend this antenna to anyone. As stated before, I’m getting 80% on almost all of my channels and I’m 60+ miles from the target. Currently, my antenna is about 15 feet or 20 feet high.


Barge versus Railroad Comparison

Have you ever wondered about the difference in freight, for example, a barge versus railroad comparison? What about adding trucking to the equation? A study was released in 2008 and the results were quite interesting.

National Waterways Foundation Releases New Study Comparing U.S. Freight Transportation Modes

Washington, DC – The National Waterways Foundation (NWF) has released a new study comparing selected societal, environmental, and the safety impacts of utilizing inland river barge transportation to highway and rail transportation. Titled “A Modal Comparison of Freight Transportation Effects on the General Public,” the study was conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute’s Center for Port and Waterways at Texas A&M University and was cost-shared with the U.S. Maritime Administration.

Peer reviewed and conducted over more than one year, the study:

  • Compares cargo capacity of trucks, trains and inland river barges. One common 15-barge river tow has the same capacity as 1,050 trucks and and 216 rail cars pulled by six locomotives.
  • Shows that barges can move a ton of cargo 576 miles with a single gallon of fuel, while trains get 413 and trucks 155 “ton-miles per gallon.”
  • Determines that, after adjusting for the differences in quantity of cargo moved by each mode, for each member of the public injured in
    a barge accident, 125.2 are injured in rail accidents and 2171.5 are injured in truck accidents. For fatalities, the rates are 155 trucking fatalities and 22.7 rail fatalities for every barge related fatality.
  • Looks at the environmental impacts of the three modes and concludes that inland waterways transport generates fewer emissions of particulate matter, hyrdocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide than rail or truck on a per ton mile moved basis.
  • Illustrates the effects of a hypothetical river closure on the St. Louis metropolitan area; i.e., if all area river cargo was diverted to trucks on the St. Louis interstates, delays would increase by 500%, accidents would rise by 35-45% and maintenance costs would skyrocket.
  • Source: National Waterways Foundation

    A more recent study: Increased Investment in U.S. Inland Waterways


    Solutions For Efficient Lighting Situations

    The USB Powered Desk Lamp helps to save on the electricity bill, is contemporary, and simultaneously trumps the dark night when the power outage arrives in an unannounced manner. The USB Powered Desk Lamp is a win-win situation, suitable, fashionable, and there are soft-touch bedside lamps for those with unique conditions.

    Using the popular term that some inject occasionally, let’s get campy. Feeling campy.

    Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

    At first glance, it seems apparent that energy efficient light bulbs are somewhat expensive. I do not mean to offend anyone, but the CFL bulb is a loser in my opinion. There has to be other options available.

    LED bulbs do have potential, but realistically the technology may not be ready for years. The advertisements boast claims of extended lifespan, but these claims may not be totally honest. Problems and complaints are numerous. The information is revealing (pun included). Hint: GE 8-Pack Long Life Reveal 75-Watt Color-Enhancing Multipurpose Incandescent Light Bulb 73963.

    Solution: Passive Infrared Technology

    Perhaps there is hope for the LED genre. Wireless Motion Sensing Lights is a genre that’s very appealing to those seeking solutions to lighting problems. Passive Infrared lighting could be a step in the right direction. Motion sensored lights is another genre.

    What is publicly deemed as efficiency may not always be efficient. When the going gets tough, the tough get rough service light bulbs. Very good. Very, very good. Illuminating.

    Can we shed light on the subject?

    1. Light It!TM LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Weatherproof Light
    2. Battery operated motion activated lights


    Reduce Stress With USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp

    USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp For Power Outage

    Wireless and portable LED desk lamp on demand. Power outage got you frustrated? What if you had a USB Powered Desk Lamp that is rechargeable? It can be powered by built-in battery so it’s wireless and portable. You can take it move around in your house or take it when travelling. Here’s an example: UnicornTech USB Rechargeable Desk Lamp.

    The UnicornTech recharges via USB to laptop/computer or outlet via recharges via adapter.

    And this desk lamp will bend accordingly to suit your fancy.

    Moreover, it’s more flexible than that. Stepless adjustment for soft lighting is easily adjustable, to help prevent everyday eye strain. This reduces stress, something we all have to worry about.

    Another option is the ergonomic desk lamp that offers USB power and normal battery power, the HDE Bright LED Compact Light Ergonomic Table Desk Lamp, and the link is provided below. This desk lamp is a bit more flexible, because of the battery option.

    For a few more dollars, a stylish desk lamp with more features is available. The TaoTronics Table Lamp LED Lamp comes readily equipped with the automatic timer, a feature that I find most useful.

    These are very nice choices of gadgets to reduce stress and the gadgets will actually save money on that dreaded monthly light bill.

    There’s one more thing. When the power goes out in the village, the handy LED desk lamp has got you covered. And the dimmable light is so sexy!

    More Options:

    1. TaoTronics Table Lamp LED Lamp — [The Most Popular LED Desk Lamp] TaoTronics Table Lamp LED Lamp Dimmable Reading Light(14W, 4 Lighting Modes, 5-Level Dimmer, Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, Auto Timer, With USB Charging Port)
    2. HDE Bright 12 LED Compact Light — HDE Bright 12 LED Compact Light Ergonomic Table Desk Lamp – USB Powered or Battery Operated.
    3. I-Zoom 36 Led Usb or Battery Powered desk Lamp — USB or Battery Powered.