How To Run Windows XP on Windows 7

Relax. You can run Windows XP forever, even if you have upgraded your OS software, and that includes the Linux crowd. Believe it or not, some programs still run on Windows XP. No problem. You can run Windows XP applications on Windows 7 or Windows 8 PCs or even Linux machines. Is there software that allows you to use XP on a newer operating system? How To run Windows XP on Windows 7?

Yes. Here it is! It’s called VMWareplayer and it does what it claims to do.

From the site:

Run Windows XP applications on Windows 7 or Windows 8 PCs or even Linux machines. With Unity mode, copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop, and networking and printing that require no additional setup, Windows XP and applications developed to run on Windows XP will run seamlessly on modern hardware.

Make a note that you will need a copy of Windows XP if you happen to find one, and the product key is necessary to process it.

If you download this software and follow procedure, you will be able to feel the nostalgic touch of yesterday. Actually, many users prefer Windows XP and are adamant about using it.

It’s surprising that some software will function more properly with XP. Old habits are hard to break. We live in a virtual world now so no problem. See you in the matrix.


Mouse Eats Everything When I Click

The mouse eats everything when I click! Nothing like walking into the kitchen and finding those ugly little droppings under the counter. Nasty! Many people are anxious about the furry little rodents and want them gone immediately. Some are frantic about the mouse problem, and not the one connected to the computer. Do ultrasonic mouse repellers (Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers with Extra Outlet – 3 Pack) work? I don’t know but I just bought some.

Some pest control companies are using these devices. The biggest problem is that one unit covers only approximately 400 square feet, so one per room is necessary to be effective.

Obviously, rodents like to hang around food supplies, so the idea is to plug the ultrasonic mouse repeller in an outlet near where food is being served. Places like the kitchen, den, visiting room, etc. Also, be aware that food scraps is the reason for mice entering to begin with. Food scraps should be emptied on a daily basis.

One small factor though. The package reads: “In some cases, over time, certain rodents may become accustomed to ultrasonic signals.”

Make sure to keep a few old-fashioned mouse traps on hand. I use peanut butter and it almost always works. My second choice is cheese, but you have to press it firmly into the metal before setting the trap.

Make sure to get the right mouse traps. The cheap ones at the dollar stores normally do not work properly. The one I know that works for sure: Victor M154 4-Pack Metal Pedal Mouse Trap. These are great because I have used them.

And a guy I know in town claims that he reuses the trap after killing the mouse! Gross!

[Image Credit | User:George Shuklin ]