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Is It Inappropriate To Smell Other People’s Food?

If someone offers you a home-baked cookie, should you smell the cookie in front of them? Absolutely not! Do not make the mistake of smelling the food! How dare you? How could you? Who does this?

You stuck your honker in the cookie? Oooh! Nasty! Boogers!

If you must use your talented senses, please do it in a manner that does not get you noticed. Otherwise your friends might label you as a “food sniffer” and you will certainly be ostracized. At all costs, avoid this mistake and be very subtle. Use extreme caution and keep your nose out of the cookie!

Do not be overly (overtly) observant or suspicious because this will be construed as being completely rude. Yes, just plain old rude, especially if a friend or coworker brought the food in from home.

I know your significant other is a fantastic cook and the no-bake cookies they make are out of this world! Nevertheless, you must never let your guest know that their food is subpar. Don’t go there friend!

Just change subjects perhaps…maybe talk about the weather or sports. Do not be considered a judge of cooking. Again, do not go there. You will have the stigma of being a “sniffer” and who needs this sort of rubbish? (I’m currently seeing a therapist.)

Savor the cookies at home and be polite, even if the cookies your friend made are bland (bland as cardboard). And I do not mean to imply that this ever happened to me personally…Yuck!

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