Understanding The Principles Of Distillation

Distilled water has been known since at least 200 AD, when Alexander of Aphrodisias described the process. The distillation equipment is called a still.

A simple way (labeled How To Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Water) explains the process using a few items at hand. The price would be from 2 to 5 dollars.

Distillation is an old process also used for desalination, which removes salt from water. Saltwater is not suitable for human consumption and is considered undesirable in that regard. “According to the International Desalination Association, in June 2015, 18,426 desalination plants operated worldwide, producing 86.8 million cubic meters per day, providing water for 300 million people.”

The single largest desalination project is Ras Al-Khair in Saudi Arabia, however, it is Kuwait that wins the race, producing 100% of its water usage.

Will clean potable water be a problem in the future? Are we already there?


The Circle Of Confusion Continuity

Acircle of confusion is an optical spot caused by a cone of light rays from a lens not coming to a perfect focus when imaging a point source. Life sometimes seems out of focus, and you sometimes wonder what the blur is all about.

In the field of photography, the circle of confusion (CoC) is used to determine the depth of field (DOF). This is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image.

Your angle of view may be different than mine.

Excuse me if I seem out of focus, I could possibly be posing a member of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, or a man that keeps walking.

Indefatigably exploring new worlds and new civilizations, where no Art Nouveau has gone before. Seemingly out of focus but not out of touch, worlds of fashion away, processed in a New Wave mentality.

Where shall we go after the New Hollywood has faded?

Living in an age where Dystopian political situations seem prevalent; an economy with direct calculation substituting factor markets is the point of focus.

Typically, these movements are like films (Postmodernist film) that break down the cultural divide and with the goal of creating something that does not resemble the traditional narrative. In focus then out of focus.

A new narrative or paradigm is suggested. The circle of confusion continues.


Quick Baofeng UV5R Program Guide

New out of the box—one must visit the Idiots Guide to programming your Baofeng UV-5R radio (W7DTG). This guide is useful especially for using repeaters with tones. I’m mostly interested in programming simplex type applications, along with local emergency frequencies.

Sometimes I forget this simple process because I don’t do it very often. I will verify the reset procedure that is mentioned in the guide referenced above.

How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Channel
Do not forget that you must delete a channel in order to replace it. It will not override it by itself. Use Menu 28.

Video Tutorials For Baofeng UV5R Radio

1. Watch this video to get familiar with the process: How to program Baofeng UV5R/UV82 without usb cable… (For programming ham radio repeaters.)

2. Watch this video to learn more: Manually set a Baofeng uv-5rv2+/ Police Scanner/ Ham Radio… (Go to 5:06 for delete instructions.)

Quick Baofeng UV5R Program Guide
1. Go To Frequency Mode — Orange Button
2. Punch in frequency number
3. Menu 25 — Repeater Upshift or downshift, press menu again; then edit.
4. Menu 27, MEM- CH — Press Menu, Receive memory.
5. Menu 28 — Delete Unwanted Channel. Select channel then punch delete again.


And The Satellite-Guidance System Takes Over

It was the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB aka Mother of All Bombs) that was used on April 13, 2017 in Afghanistan. Designed to be delivered by a C-130 Hercules, MOAB is the most powerful conventional bomb ever used in combat as measured by the weight of its explosive material. Enter MOAB. This monster can be dropped by parachute from a C-130 before the satellite-guidance system takes over.

If you’re not living inside a vacuum tube you must have heard about this in the news.

Back in Nam it was the Daisy Cutter, and retired in 2008 to be replaced with the more powerful MOAB. It was used to clear heavily wooded areas.

The 2017 Nangarhar airstrike as it was called, gives reference to the “largest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal”, as it was touted. The Achin District borders with Pakistan.

The primary crop in Achin is wheat, however Papaver somniferum can be found nearby in the Nangarhar Province.

The blast detonated at 7:32 pm local time in the Achin district of the eastern province of Nangarhar, according to sources.


Turn Your Smartphone Into A Security Camera

Do you have a spare or an older smartphone that you are not using? You can turn that into a security camera you know. There’s an app for that and it’s called WardenCam. Installation is a breeze.

Access remotely 24/7 anywhere, using your mobile devices over the internet. It’s that simple. Meet WardenCam!

WardenCam turns your spare Apple and Android smartphones and tablets into home surveillance cameras that you can watch while you’re away. It helps you find out if your package arrived, if a thief broke in while you’re out, monitor your baby, if the kids are home from school, “catch a cheating spouse”, or find out what your dog and cat are up to.

I like catch a cheating spouse…


The Latest In Coffee Trends

Are coffee connoisseurs giving up expensive coffee? Probably not. Maybe they are just buying it online and the competition could get fierce. The trend is starting to change. Read on to find the possible new coffee king. Here’s the latest in coffee trends.

If you are a coffee drinker you probably take it very serious. What about an aromatic blend that can be ordered online without the hassles? Try this link: Coffee Bean Direct.

I’ve heard that the Costa Rica blend is a smooth blend.

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QM-52 Pro Mic Arm Review

Here we go. Here is the QM-52 Pro Mic Arm Review (Q-Mic QM-52 Pro Mic Arm USB with Mount Anywhere Kit ). Now mounted on the desk and is fully functional. Here are the results.

Package came early in the day and it happened to arrive on the day of the solar eclipse. Yeah me! Unboxing was delightful and I wasn’t sure what to expect. No instruction but who reads it anyways? Right?

Seriously. After briefly studying what needed to be done and then doing it, it wasn’t that bad after all. I opted for the clip-on, and there was an option for drilling into the desk, as a stand is also provided in package.

I won’t go into the details, but you have about 5 small steps to complete, give or take.

Okay. This is one sturdy microphone arm and will hopefully last years to come! I can’t foresee anything that could go wrong. Good quality of materials.

The QM-52 Pro Mic Arm is attractive, strong, movable, and very affordable. I would highly recommend this for podcasting, ham radio, music, and general purposes. Hey, it does look nice!

Personally, I am using the XLR cable that I previously purchased. I used tie-straps to secure the XLR cable on the arm and left the integrated 10′ USB cable in the arm. Everything went well concerning the cable part. I gained the USB cable, which I’ll probably never use.

Why? Because you get much better sound quality out of a mixer and/or preamp than with the USB type of microphone. I’ve had the Behringer Xenyx 802 since December of 2012. It has performed flawlessly and has become a permanent fixture.

I recently acquired the DBX 286 Microphone Pre-amp Processor and this is premium gear. I am in a learning curve with this studio gear but it offers superb sound quality for sure.

What type of mic and how heavy? I am currently using the MXL 990 Condenser Microphone that comes with the shockmount. I’ve owned this mic since March of 2013. It hasn’t missed a beat and it has been dropped on the floor once. It sounds great I might add. The technical description reads 1.5 pounds.

The QM-52 Pro Mic Arm will hold the MXL 990 with no problem. The arm does swivel by the way. I prefer to keep the movement up and down with minimal friction.

For nearly 40 bucks you get a sturdy arm that is fully functional. Could you get a longer arm for more cash? Probably. Pleased with this purchase? Absolutely.


The Best Protein Powder

What is the best protein powder for bodybuilders? After doing a little bit of browsing through the search engine, a very popular source of protein comes to the surface: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Double Rich Chocolate. This is advertised as 100% whey, the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained.

Whey Protein Is An Option

1. Is Whey Protein Right For You?

If you’ve decided to go with whey protein powder, then the concentrate is another option: Whey Protein Concentrate NOW Sports Powder. No artificial ingredients, no aspartame, no sucralose, no acesulfame-K. Has naturally occurring branched chain amino acids.

Raw Organic Whey has ONLY 1 INGREDIENT: 100% Organic Grass Fed whey protein from the milk of jersey cows that graze freely on lush, green pastures year round.

In the pages of history, whey was considered a popular drink in inns and coffee houses.

Foods that contain whey protein are Ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, and practically all cheeses naturally contain some whey protein in them. And of course cow milk contains whey, although goat milk is slightly easier absorbed into the body. It’s hard to beat good old goat milk!

For Those That Can’t Do Whey There’s Beef Protein

Yes, there’s beef protein powder: Olympian Labs Beef Protein Isolate. There are some that are lactate intolerant and some that have allergies. The strong point here is most of the fat content is eliminated.

Go Organic Raw

Another option of protein powder for vegan types is: Organic Raw Plant Based Protein Powder by Garden of Life. POST WORKOUT RECOVERY: Help build lean muscle and boost energy with this power-packed meal replacement.

Incorporate Protein Foods Into Your Diet

If you’re wishing to incorporate protein foods into your daily routine, consider the following choices: beef, poultry, which includes chicken breast, yogurt, peanut butter, nuts, beans, which includes black beans, rice, chili, and eggs. Turkey is an excellent source of protein.

Turkey burgers actually taste good if you give them a chance.

Peace out! Never give up!