RD Bentley

If Roku Doesn’t Boot Up Try This

My new Roku media player arrived in the mail and I was in a state of bliss. Finally, another electronic gadget to render the man cave complete. You know the routine. Unbox. Never read instructions. High expectations. No patience. Internet [...]

Popular Stock Analysis

Most Popular Stocks Held by Congress Members Congess members are required to give this data. They probably don’t want us knowing the cozy relationship that exists. The dollar values are provided in the link below. COMPANY — Congress Members 1. [...]

A Movie That Explains The Financial Meltdown

The Wall Street Conspiracy The movie titled The Wall Street Conspiracy explains what caused the financial meltdown and the conspiracy behind naked short selling. This is one of better movies that actually details the chain of events as they happen [...]

The Health Report That Could Save Your Life

Dr. Colin Campbell Lecture Even today, as we have access to more information than we’ve had before, heart disease has never been greater. There are many diet plans out there, yet we Americans are more obese than ever. We have [...]

Canada Cuts Deal With China, Bypassing US Dollar

China has cut deals with several nations, including Canada, and the Chinese yuan seems to be slowly replacing the US dollar as the world currency. The renminbi literally means “people’s currency”. On the same note, London is seizing on China’s [...]

An Act of State: A Conspiracy In Memphis

The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. is a topic that many of us no little about. James Earl Ray was convicted by law on March 10, 1969. He died in prison on April 23rd of 1998. Ray was so [...]