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Black Monday 2015: Party Like It’s 1929!

Black Monday 2015: Party Like It’s 1929!

  …..Black Monday (October 19, 1987)………………………………… Yes, today’s storyline reads something like China’s ‘Black Monday’ and suddenly there’s panic everywhere. It may be reminiscent of 1929 or Black Monday (1987), but it’s the machination that’s been overhauled, at least in [...]

Expert expects ‘ugly decline’ in stock (2015)

One expert expects an ‘ugly decline’ in stock starting very soon. Emerging markets are declining rapidly and liquidity in the market is tightening. Overall, it seems that it’s been a fair summer for investors in America. Yet, there’s bound to [...]

Watch: My Sword Is Bigger Than Yours

A Pittsburgh store owner pulls out a bigger sword than the would be robber had. The robber alias swordsman and accomplice can be seen fleeing out of the store and trotting down the sidewalk. You might want to do a [...]

Sexting usually involves sending sexually explicit text messages.

Survey: Over 80% Admitted To Sexting Within The Past Year

How common is sexting you ask? At the American Psychological Association’s 123rd Annual Convention, some interesting research was presented. More than 80% surveyed admitted to sexting in the prior year. What is sexting? Sexting is sending sexually explicit messages, primarily [...]

Legionnaires’ Bacteria Commonly Found Near Cooling Towers

Contaminated water with a certain type of bacteria is the cause of Legionnaires’ disease and is commonly found near cooler towers. There is not much clarity concerning the disease, and Wet Surface Cooling Towers (WSAC) are a big part of [...]

Controlled Remote Viewing Is A Science

Remote Viewing Developed At Stanford Research Institute Controlled Remote Viewing is a science developed in the laboratory at Stanford University to mimic the work of natural psychics, says ex CIA remote viewer Lyn Buchanan. Stargate Project The project was overseen [...]