The Other Side

Strange ocurrences awaken us and shock our mortal being. We suddenly find that we are on the flip side of life!

There Really Was A Light Bulb Conspiracy

Planned Obsolescence This act to kill the incandescent light bulb is un-American and is not a fundamental American value. The objective is Planned obsolescence. The producer or manufacturer gains when the consumer is pressured (or conned) into buying another product [...]

Phone Chip In The Brain

A Chilling Look Into The Future From The Past (1967) A 1967 movie (The President’s Analyst) provides a chilling look into the future, from the past. This is a satirical film starring James Coburn. Released on December 21, 1967, it [...]

A New Kind Of Capitalism

Hidden Connections In this video the commentator speaks about a new kind of capitalism, foreign policy, and a strange sequence of events in recent years past.

Debt Ceiling, Then $1.6 Billion Pakistan Aid

Debt ceiling debacle. Confusion is everywhere. Partisan politics. Demands. President Obama capitulates. Then $1.6 billion aid quickly goes to Pakistan. Money that you don’t have. Read More: The Washington Times

Are American Taxpayers Subsidizing Terrorists?

“Contracting With the Enemy” Are American taxpayers unwittingly subsidizing terrorist networks in the Middle East? A current report has certainly entertained this idea. According to Russia Today, “American taxpayers have unwittingly paid more than $150 million to companies throughout the [...]

Linguacode Transmissions Have Been Intercepted

Linguacode Transmissions Have Been Intercepted

Scotty, beam me up. The Aliens have intercepted us. Check the circuit! The Linguacode Transmissions have been intercepted. A camp of survivors located at the western section of the Traverse Range is listening to our Earth language, so be aware [...]

Fundraiser For Harassed Bus Monitor

Making The Bus Monitor Cry As you can see and hear on the video, a bus monitor was verbally harassed for over ten minutes. These middle schoolers were on their way home from Athena Middle School in Greece, New York. [...]

I Wanna Hold Your Hand Maybe

Random: Holding People’s Hand Oh, please, say to me… Andrew got a wacky idea for a YouTube video. He considered casually holding hands with strangers in everyday situations. Hopefully he never got slapped during the process. I wanna hold your [...]