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Linguacode Transmissions Have Been Intercepted

Scotty, beam me up. The Aliens have intercepted us.

Check the circuit! The Linguacode Transmissions have been intercepted. A camp of survivors located at the western section of the Traverse Range is listening to our Earth language, so be aware that the cage is a menagerie. The Program is much too cerebral, where 100 years of data can be stored. The Reality distortion field involves a database of all Earthlings, including e-mails, phone conversations, financial transactions, and internet activity just like Room 641A. This is where no man has gone before.

In Pendleton County there is a remote site that is located near a small, quaint town of Franklin. It’s called Sugar Grove and is about an hour and a half drive from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Hidden in the mountains several miles north of Sugar Grove, West Virginia, there is a large eye on the east coast, where the NSA has set up shop. Two Elephant Cage antennas were installed on November 8, 1969 at the site, and a couple of very large dish antennas were constructed also, among many other antennas. Sugar Grove is part of ECHELON.

ECHELON uses a means of collecting intelligence (SIGINT), involving five key countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Yakima Training Center is a US Army training center located in the south central part of Washington state. It is bounded on the west by Interstate 82, on the south by the city of Yakima (Lewis and Clark landed here in 1805), on the north by the city of Ellensburg and Interstate 90, and on the east by the Columbia River. The Yakima Training Center has been part of ECHELON.

Near Bluffdale, approximately 25 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah, the Spy Center is being built. The $2 billion Data Center is the first in a series of cybertemples, and the planned structure is projected to be finished in September of 2013. The project is being funded by a government that is several trillion dollars in debt and this massive data center is highly controversial. But watch what you say.

USSID 18 was the general guideline for handling signals intelligence inadvertently collected on US citizens, without a warrant, prior to the George W. Bush Administration. Interpretations of FISA and the principles of USSID 18 by the Bush administration assume the Executive Branch has unitary authority for warrantless surveillance, which is under Congressional investigation as an apparent violation of the intent of FISA.”

The Boston Bombing Investigation has revealed that the feds had access to phone calls the wife tried to make to her husband when she learned of the incident.  Hmm, wonder how they got access to the phone calls? And of course officials deny any bit of Hocus Pocus that was transgressed against the wife of the deceased alleged Boston bomber.

The Surveillance Supersnoop State has gone too far and any rational Earthling or Vulcan would agree with this $47 million dole of advise.

The real danger of storing public information in a database is that the government can target American victims at will, as information gathered will build profiles of everybody in the data. The software that is being used will monitor everybody at all times. To make matters even worse, a crackdown on whistleblowers during the Obama administration has been unprecedented.

William Binney, former intelligence official of the NSA, has stated that expanded surveillance post 9/11 is dangerous: “It’s better than anything that the KGB, the Stasi, or the Gestapo and SS ever had.” Binney said that individuals are being indexed with tremendous detail, and “the dangers here are we fall into something like a totalitarian state like East Germany.”

The controversy surrounding domestic spying is so strong, that “the Top Justice Department officials threatened to resign in 2004 because Stellar Wind violated the law.” Their legal objections have never been made public.

A landing party needs to be assembled and beamed down to investigate these sub-humanoids with bulbous heads who live beneath the planet’s surface, before we all become a race of slaves.

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