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Hello Smartphone Goodbye VCR

Yada yada yada.

Our taste for tech has changed in the last decade or so, according to Gallup. It should be of no surprise to anyone that the ubiquitous smartphone is in, while the ancient VCR is out. Hmmm. Some of us will not let go of said VCR or desktop computer. Thank you very much for asking.

Despite the otherwise obvious, cable television popularity has not changed much, believe it or not. With new streaming gadgets catering to the internet crowd, one would think that cable might be on the downswing. Not so you infomercial lovers.

It is interesting to note that the wireless TV boxes are halfway there though. This gap may narrow as the door opens up to more options and a greater number of consumers gain access to set top boxes. This trend should not be understated.

Wireless access is now common and is king, or queen if you prefer. We’re talking wireless, smartphones, laptops, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.

And the basic cell phone which is not classified as a smartphone is getting quite lonely. They’re not as fashionable as the old retro cell phones with the big antennas though. Well, that’s an opinion from a desktop owner.

Yada yada yada.

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