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DRUGGED TO DEATH: Prescription Drugs Killing The American Soldier

Peter Breggin MD has spoken on FOX News about the impact of psychiatric drugs on American soldiers. Veterans are being prescribed cocktails of unsafe drugs which are causing them severe harm. Some are dying in their sleep, others committing suicide, and numerous soldiers are accumulating chronic health problems. Some are hooked on drugs all of their lives.

Opiates have killed Americans in Afghanistan and there is an increase of heroin abuse in the Army.

Military drugs are an age old problem. Probably not so publicized, is the fact that Hitler drugged his own soldiers, The Nazi Death Machine. Stimulants were widely used in the German army and the doctors experimented on themselves. Even more striking is the widespread use of popular drugs after WWII.

Breggin maintained that “when you have so many soldiers on psychiatric drugs you are producing chronic mental patients.”

The facts definitely back up what Breggin has said. From CIR:

Prescriptions for four opiates – hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone and morphine – have surged by 270 percent in the past 12 years, according to data CIR obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

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