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Birth Outside Of The Norm

Having a baby is a miracle. One thing that I’ve found out is that nature provides several unique ways of getting the miracle accomplished. After a Swedish woman discovered she had no uterus and could not have a child, she desperately sought out an alternative. Yet, overcoming the odds by receiving a uterus from a 61-year-old lady, she went on to have a healthy boy. The woman made history and deserves the attention. Are there other examples of birth outside of the norm?

What about a healthy baby that grew in the abdomen? Heard of this one? Didn’t think so. This is certainly another unique way of populating the earth, but it does happen.

Morality is debate open for discussion. What about the old standard of the girl getting married before birthing? Is this standard no longer the standard? Is birth out of wedlock the new norm?

According to the Census Bureau facts, the number of first-born U.S. babies born into a home with a married mother and father has fallen below 60% for the first time.

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