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The Reason All Economists Have Become Magicians

Go ahead and read all of the economic literature you want. I dare you. Pretend that you have a solution to the world’s economic problems. Explain that you have an advanced degree in economics and psychology for that matter. Here’s the reason that all economists (and their journalist minions) have become magicians: The world economy is nothing but a matrix.

No matter what is speculated in the corporate news network, all of the magic is staged. Magic’s biggest secrets have finally been revealed!

The United States’ bankers have pulled every trick imaginable to bring down the Russian ruble. Putin must have an idea what is going on with the sanctions. For one, oil prices are being dropped in order to break Putin of his command. Presto!

The United States banking system is nothing but a magic act. What can we say about a Congress that allows legislation (levitation) like the  Omnibus budget bill? Is this real or delusion?

Is Senator Warren the only one that truly understands magic? Hocus pocus! Let’s see that levitation act again! Let’s profess that we want to end the economic voodoo. Can we get past the alchemy?

Wait for it. Class, please allow Senator Warren to explain how the magic works. Click on the magic link please.

Seriously folks. There’s no housing market, no economy, and no employment. Incomes are not rising. The magic tricks are ubiquitous. The national debt is atrocious. Just where is the good news? Where is the exceptionalism?

The whole thing is just an illusion.

Here’s the problem with politics. Where have all of the debates gone? Please? All of political debates do not even fall in the softball category. It’s more like a magic room, one which is run by the financial wizards.

The prerequisite is that the magician should go to the school of Neoliberalism. Okay kids, let’s not call it history class. Let’s call it a free trade economy. Shall we take the blue pill? Ahem…the 1970′s TV show (classical liberalism)  seen as the ultimate magical House of Cards trick…

Will the media please remain fair and balanced? That’s all the public is demanding from you. Your insight is quite profound we surmise. Magic is okay but no clown tricks please.

Is this capitalism with the hat and rabbit act? Please take the blue pill and grab a ticket to the show…

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