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A 20 Meter Vertical Made Out Of Copper

My aim was to build a 20 meter vertical out of copper, since copper is normally a very good conductor. Recently I bought a couple sections of copper pipe and clamped them together. The sections were 10 feet in length.

I may later put up some elevated radials, but for now I am experimenting with a type of fence for the counterpoise. It is described as the following: Feedlot Panel, Cattle, 16 ft. L x 50 in. H.

After a few hours of putting it all together, I turned on my HF radio and tried to find resonance. The low portion of the 20 meter band seemed to be the sweet spot.

The band was in pretty good shape that particular day and I received a 5 by 9 signal out of Croatia. Actually it was ten over nine. I knew my 20 meter vertical was a keeper, especially when there was no trouble in getting a very low SWR reading.

The copper 20 meter vertical played well on the 17 meter band.

I would like to suggest another purpose for the cattle feedlot panel. I used it as a reflector for my home brew HDTV antenna, with stunning success I might add.

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