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Is There Such A Thing As Privacy These Days?

Isn’t this astonishing? You were just making conversation in the family living quarters and afterwards something strange occurred. Upon arriving on the internet you surmise that the ads on the screen are very similar to the previous dialog. Are we under surveillance with our smart devices? Is there such a thing as privacy these days?

The primary target here is the Smart TV. Yet, the surveillance does not end there.

And you might reply that the Patriot Act has finally expired. Are you naive to believe that the spying will end at this point? The USA Freedom Act Is a Virtual Scam?

All this is troubling enough but what about the ability to activate the microphone in your television? Don’t believe it? Hey, does your Smart TV have a mic?

I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over this dark news bro. Guess what? The government has been spying on us for the last 100 years. What’s new? They have all the data from birth to death and now all of the phone calls, including the ones to your dear Grandmother.

And I’m certainly not condoning this behavior, because it is entirely unconstitutional.

Oh, and I can hear the rednecks bragging about prying their guns out of their dead hands. Right? Hold on there cowboy! Ever heard of the smart gun?

Should you be concerned about the new Smart Guns? You decide…

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