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David Lee Roth Has A Nose For Comeback Concerts…

It’s probably old-hat news by now, but if you’re a true Van Halen fan, the original line-up is back with the zany David Lee Roth. Van Halen played on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show (March 30, 2015) and just as soon as the band started playing, Roth was twirling a baton and bloodied himself with a self-inlicted cut on the nose. This is being dubbed as the the Van Halen Incident .

Call it the new version of the song “Panama”, and Roth adds his own painful brand of comedy to the routine, while Eddie Van Halen can’t keep from smiling about the incident. Roth does make it to the guitar solo, as Eddie then proceeds to do an ad lib solo to fill the gap, while Roth is given the first aid treatment on the side. Roth later proposes to do the song again without the interruption.

Van Halen singer gives himself a bloody nose during debut live televised performance

It was later reported in Rolling Stone that: David Lee Roth Receives 14 Stitches After ‘Kimmel’ Baton Accident.

While this was a minor embarrassment for Roth and the band, it probably generated much more publicity than if things would’ve gone the normal route. You just had to laugh it off and go forward.

If you would like to view a Slow-Motion version of the video, then have at it.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show was supposed to be the first televised edition for the band’s history. Just the same, David Lee Roth Has A Nose For Comeback Concerts…


1. Full Interview: Eddie Van Halen Smithsonian (2-12-2015) — A must watch for music fans, especially those that appreciate what it takes to play guitar. The talented Eddie Van Halen explains his struggle to the top.

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