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Rumor Countdown: Olbermann Coming Back To MSNBC?

Face it; the ratings have tanked and the MSNBC Rumor Alert is that Olbermann is coming back. “The struggling cable net has to figure out how to overhaul its programming following two of its worst quarterly performances in recent memory.”

Why? Maybe not the only reason, nevertheless, the sending away of the talented political satirist, Mr. Keith Olbermann, was a major contributing factor. Ahem.. Maybe his presence was underappreciated.

It’s hard to make an argument against Olbermann when George Stephanopoulos allegedly donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Joe Scarborough did the exact same thing. Wasn’t it $4,200 to a Republican House candidate?

What’s the rub now?

“Olbermann established a niche in cable news commentary, gaining note for his pointed criticism of right-wing or conservative politicians and public figures.” Keith’s stinging criticism and witty satire gained him a huge audience. This is no small achievement by any means.

Many of his followers would agree that MSNBC lost the punch when Olbermann left the network. Olbermann connected with a mainstream audience who remembered what it was like before the era of political correctness. Opinions are just opinions, but this is all-American and some honesty is quite refreshing, whether it leans to the left or to the right.

And as far as the liberal label, Olbermann has said so himself: “I’m not a liberal. I’m an American.” He is simply an entertainer in a niche role that he carved out for himself. If you don’t like it you could always tune in to the other guy—shall we make the reference—the other clown…

How could we forget the famous routine: “Worst Person in the World”?

Yes, it might be true that Olbermann is over-the-top and he may have crossed that line from time to time. Many entertainers are guilty of this. It’s that spontaneity and candor that adds the appeal to any show. Without it, it’s just another uneventful day.

What can we say about the harsh criticisms of the Bush administration, or of any other for that matter? What would you say the consensus is at the present time? Have you checked any political approval ratings lately?

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