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Small Air Compressor To Clean Computer

After being frustrated with the overpriced little cans of compressed air, I decided that I needed something better to clean my computer. I just couldn’t see buying those little cans over and over, especially because they seemed inefficient to begin with. I thought about getting a small electric air compressor to blow the dust off. It has definitely paid off. Here’s the scoop.

After owning my small electric air compressor for several years now, it was worth the small investment. Here’s the brand that I wound up with: Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 1-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor with Accessory Kit.

Uses For Small Air Compressor

1. Cleaning the dust off computers, keyboards, monitors, etc.
2. Cleaning the dust off little speakers
3. Blowing the dust off of heaters
4. Pumping up deflated bicycle tires


1. No more overpriced cans of air. Save money.
2. Effectively cleans all computers with efficiency.
3. Cleans heaters like a charm.
4. Great for pumping up bicycle tires.
5. Small and light for easy packing and storage.
6. No gas equals no bad odor. An electric outlet is necessary.


1. This machine is very loud. Ear plugs are not necessary, but strongly recommended.
2. There are a lot of restarts, because the air pressure doesn’t hold 100% for long. It’s not an issue with me.
3. Lightweight. Might not be best suited for auto tires. I would recommend a bigger, more expensive air compressor for heavy usage.


The little air chuck (for pumping tires) that I bought was not so good, because the stem kept sticking. Therefore, I bought a longer style chuck for around five dollars. No problem. Just as a friendly reminder, the longer style chuck that I acquired did have a female end on it.


I’ve owned this little electric compressor for several years now. It’s been most suitable for my needs. I use it for blowing the dust out of the computer fans and wherever necessary. The compressor sends out a gentle stream of air, so there’s no need to worry about too much pressure to break any computer parts.

Once or twice a year I’ll drag the light compressor out and clean the dust out of the computers, usually in the fall and winter. For the summer season, I use it to pump up bicycle tires.

As stated above, I would not recommend this little compressor for heavy car tire projects. For small projects such as computers, heaters, or maybe air brushing (haven’t tried it), this is a good option. This brand has been very reliable so far. It’s just a cheap, small, electric air compressor. That’s all it is.

Warning: This little electric air compressor is very noisy. It’s great if you want to disturb the neighbors or get rid of annoying, unwanted house guests!

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3 Responses

  1. aircompressorprice

    Thank you RD BENTLEY.

    Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 is a great tool indeed. I was just wondering, did you find any other applications for this compressor, rather than blowing off the dust from computer. It sounds to me like quite an investment for only this application.


  2. rubel

    The greater pressure your compressor produces, the wider range of potential tools you’ll have at your disposal.

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