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The Secret War Against The Jews

The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People

Authors John Loftus and Mark Aarons have offered a very respectable work to the public, for those who have the courage to look beyond the smoke and mirrors, thus according to the rationale of the day. This explosive story (which includes intelligence of the alphabet soup type) needs to be told, even though it has been suppressed for many years by government.

The politician who hints at opposing the status quo is the bête noire of the establishment crowd.

Loftus has stated when it comes to modern history, one-third of it is classified. Loftus also adds that in the near future the public should be prepared for a deluge of information about World War II, since declassification is coming in the near future.

The book entitled The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People is convincing and has depth on many levels. It may sound a bit cliché, however, this really is hidden history, history that adds substance to the conversation. Not the fake kind.

If only 90% of the information in the book turns out to be true, this is still extremely interesting and valuable.

The title could feel misleading, vague, or alien to some readers, but I think the title is quite true to its nature; although another title would have made better market sense, and possibly more descriptive of the complete narrative.

To be honest, there’s a great deal of 20th century history to digest, along with economics, intelligence, and a self realization of what’s been missing in the dialogue. There’s more to this than defending a culture or tribe. There’s a whole lot of cover-up and scandal!

The Jews have been betrayed, contrary to to the ubiquitous rhetoric that is beat in the daily shuffle. The authors have established a compelling argument, while this may go against the grain of the (bought and paid for) talking heads in the blogosphere who keep wagging the dog’s tail. Tisk tisk. Follow the money.

The betrayal of the Jewish people is unsettling to say the least and contradictory according to the consensus in the mainstream media. It appears that all one hears about is the term called Zionism.

I do suppose that on the surface the term Zionism provides arrows for talking points, somehow I have a gut feeling there are extreme levels of bigotry and racism everywhere, downgrading Jewish culture. Sometimes the racism is not hidden, but for the most part it is a well hidden secret and has been for years. Tisk tisk. Follow the money.

The authors have proved that Americans express a degree of antisemitism, and to a degree that’s brutal. “The savage extent of the secret wars against the Jews will horrify the Western public.” After finishing the book, there will be clarity on this matter. Read the book.

And yes, the Allies were well aware of the holocaust and the crimes being committed. And yes, the betrayal was far worse than portrayed, not less.

The author Loftus notes that it’s all about oil and the greed behind the oil. Saudi Arabia is ideally the center of the universe because of abundant producing oil fields, furthermore, the State of Israel has no oil beneath the sand. It’s that simple. Ostensibly, this is the essence behind the argument. Obviously, there’s a religious factor, especially since the Arabs strongly oppose the Jewish faith. There is an eternal struggle.

I’m suggesting to the reader this sentiment has largely been hidden from the American public, particularly when you constantly hear about the false preference towards Israel and Zionism, especially with the financial support in recent times past. This stance is incongruous with reality and the support was not always there.

In plain sight of historical irony, the context highlights a complete ignorance of belief, with outcomes contrary to certain expectations. There is a double standard, if not downright hypocrisy, suffice it to say the American public deliberately chooses not to walk down this street. It is politically incorrect to go there, and to do so deemed as inappropriate behavior.

As the authors point out, “most history books credit the government of the United States with securing the votes in the United Nations to create the State of Israel.”

The reality of it is, the Truman administration did everything to prevent this from happening, and nearly succeeded in doing so. The theme is recurring in the book, just as it was chronologically in history. There is evidence to support this theory.

The status quo or the corporate strategy if you like, almost always parallels with the Fascist ideology. There is more irony involved with the message, considering that Congress can be divided when it comes to foreign policy. To be certain, there is division. If there is a consensus, it will predominantly be pro Arab. Tisk tisk. Follow the money.

The Secret War Against the Jews is a gem and a must read. There are details galore to ponder, yet the material is fresh and not heavy to bear. The chronological blueprint is in order, with scandals, intelligence community, history, intrigue,  espionage, and critical examination of previously unexplained mysteries.

The Disappearing Oil Mystery

Was the 1973 oil crisis the truth, or just another illusion? Read the book.

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