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Coming Up For Fresh Air

If there was an alleged tweet from the newly elected leader telling them to keep it, I wonder what the item was… An underwater drone perhaps? And did the newly elected leader tell them to keep it? Let them keep it he exclaimed in a tweet! Or did they steal it?

“On December 16, 2016, a Chinese warship seized an underwater drone that was in the process of being retrieved by the U.S. Navy ship USNS Bowditch. A day later, the Chinese Defense Ministry said it will return the drone to the United States.” That fish was just gathering weather data of course.

Amidst the friendly ongoing diplomatic dialogue there was an agreement to return the “unidentified equipment” back to the United States. China expresses its shared condolences in response to the Freedom of navigation code.

“It’s all about dominance,” award winning filmmaker John Pilger explained in a recent interview. Pilger said that during the cold war with Russia there were red lines that were made between the two countries. In the struggle between the U.S. and China those red lines are blurred.

One last question to ponder. Was the underwater drone made in China?

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