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Tracking Employees With Fitbit

Just what will corporate think of next? Will corporate resort to tracking the fitness of employees with Fitbit smart wristbands? What’s the purpose? Maybe Fitbit will allow the boss to track employee exercise to cut insurance costs. Wearable trackers display the exercise the employee is applying. What if he or she swaps with someone else? Hmmm.

There’s no doubt that tech companies are getting into the game. Tracking fitness with corporate wellness equals huge profits with wearables and partnerships have been developing, for example: Target Partners Up With Fitbit.

However, is there a privacy issue on the horizon? Isn’t the act of tracking fringing on moral grounds of discrimination? The data can be stored for interested parties to analyze. The data is assessed and transferred via third party traffic if necessary. Experts are using terms such as nondescript.

Employee wellness programs are the norm these days, whether we like it or not.

The future of corporate wellness programs are leading to what is called data integration. The dark side of corporate wellness could mean something more sinister, with that all too familiar term called surveillance, adding more anxiety to employee culture.

We can envision new services, jobs, training, etc. Imagine this: How to Build a Wellness Program.

Corporate wellness is the new thing.

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