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Precision Agriculture Is The New Paradigm

Satellites and GPS technology are tools that have reached big industry. Take railroad for example. One piece of technology will replace 500 employees when indicating a hot box detector. Bad for employees good for stockholders. Is this beneficial for society? Only time will tell. A new farming trend is precision farming. Goodbye to conventional farming? Big data is becoming the new norm on the farm.

With the arrival of GPS and GNSS (global navigation satellite system), farmers can track data like never before. An example in place is the Grain yield monitor: A device coupled with other sensors to calculate and record the crop yield or grain yield as a modern-day combine harvester operates.

What if we bring the Unmanned aerial vehicle into the equation? The Phantom (UAV) could be flying atop your nearby field of crops and a camera can be added as an accessory by the way. Maybe we could spy on the neighbors with the Phantom?

Maybe we could use a Drone with Camera for Beginners!

When spacing the rows of my crops I used a couple of good old tobacco sticks. No, not very high tech, but very practical and efficient. What if one had the equipment to use satellites in the sky to do this Precision farming?

What about the DJI MG-1S – the Agricultural Wonder Drone? Agricultural drones to the rescue!

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