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QM-52 Pro Mic Arm Review

Here we go. Here is the QM-52 Pro Mic Arm Review (Q-Mic QM-52 Pro Mic Arm USB with Mount Anywhere Kit ). Now mounted on the desk and is fully functional. Here are the results.

Package came early in the day and it happened to arrive on the day of the solar eclipse. Yeah me! Unboxing was delightful and I wasn’t sure what to expect. No instruction but who reads it anyways? Right?

Seriously. After briefly studying what needed to be done and then doing it, it wasn’t that bad after all. I opted for the clip-on, and there was an option for drilling into the desk, as a stand is also provided in package.

I won’t go into the details, but you have about 5 small steps to complete, give or take.

Okay. This is one sturdy microphone arm and will hopefully last years to come! I can’t foresee anything that could go wrong. Good quality of materials.

The QM-52 Pro Mic Arm is attractive, strong, movable, and very affordable. I would highly recommend this for podcasting, ham radio, music, and general purposes. Hey, it does look nice!

Personally, I am using the XLR cable that I previously purchased. I used tie-straps to secure the XLR cable on the arm and left the integrated 10′ USB cable in the arm. Everything went well concerning the cable part. I gained the USB cable, which I’ll probably never use.

Why? Because you get much better sound quality out of a mixer and/or preamp than with the USB type of microphone. I’ve had the Behringer Xenyx 802 since December of 2012. It has performed flawlessly and has become a permanent fixture.

I recently acquired the DBX 286 Microphone Pre-amp Processor and this is premium gear. I am in a learning curve with this studio gear but it offers superb sound quality for sure.

What type of mic and how heavy? I am currently using the MXL 990 Condenser Microphone that comes with the shockmount. I’ve owned this mic since March of 2013. It hasn’t missed a beat and it has been dropped on the floor once. It sounds great I might add. The technical description reads 1.5 pounds.

The QM-52 Pro Mic Arm will hold the MXL 990 with no problem. The arm does swivel by the way. I prefer to keep the movement up and down with minimal friction.

For nearly 40 bucks you get a sturdy arm that is fully functional. Could you get a longer arm for more cash? Probably. Pleased with this purchase? Absolutely.

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